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Using ScreenFlow Menus : Help Menu

Help Menu
This topic describes each item in the Help menu.
Searches this documentation.
ScreenFlow Help (Command-?)
Opens the ScreenFlow Help page, where you can access the ScreenFlow User’s Guide in HTML format, view screencasts of ScreenFlow topics, and access other helpful resources.
Visit ScreenFlow Web site
Opens the Web page for general ScreenFlow information.
Visit Support Page
Opens the Web page for ScreenFlow support information.
Provide ScreenFlow Feedback
Opens the Web page for contacting technical support.
Clip Contact Menu
Right-click (or Control-click) on a clip in the timeline to show the clip contact menu.
Figure 68. Clip contact menu
This menu represents numerous menu options detailed in the Edit Menu (83). Described below are menu items only available in this menu.
Show Clip Inspector
Select to open the Clip Inspector window.
Figure 69. Clip Inspector
Here you can change the duration or speed of a clip as well as lock it from further editing.
Rename Clip
Select to rename the clip in the timeline. The new name only effects this specific clip and does not change the name of the source in the media library. You can also change the name by double-clicking the name of the clip on the clip itself.
Track Selection
Use the All Clips option to select all clips on this track. Use the All Clips after current Clip option to select all clips following the selected clip on this track.

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