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Recording Presentations : Using ScreenFlow Helper : ScreenFlow Helper Menu

ScreenFlow Helper Menu
The ScreenFlow Helper menu contains the following items:
Record/Stop Record (Shift-Command-2). Select to begin recording using the most recently selected sources (display, camera, microphone, and/or computer audio). The menu icon changes from
to advise you that ScreenFlow is recording.
Select Stop Record or press Shift-Command-2 again, to stop the recording.
Pause/Resume. Select Pause to pause the recording. Resume recording by selecting Resume.
(You can modify the hotkey for these commands (General Pane).
Configure Recording… Displays the Configuring ScreenFlow Helper Recording Options window for setting recording parameters.
Hide Desktop Icons/Show Desktop Icons. You can hide all icons on your Desktop if you prefer to have a less cluttered background to your screen recording. You can show them again when you need to interact with your Desktop.
Quit ScreenFlow. Select to close the ScreenFlow and ScreenFlow Helper applications.

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