Measuring SDI and IP sources in a Hybrid IP facility

Despite the increasing prevalence of IP systems, it’s very common that a significant portion of IP facilities will still have SDI. This solution page will discuss familiar waveform monitor tools that Tek Video has enhanced in PRISM to support up to 4K analysis in both SDI and IP.

Troubleshoot issues that traverse IP and SDI paths

PRISM has a full suite of traditional SDI waveform monitor tools up to 12G SDI, including a physical layer measurement of the Eye Pattern. For testing across SDI and IP, it also comes equipped with a full suite of tools for analyzing the performance of IP video network carrying ST2110 and ST2022.

Fast switching problems on an IP network

The typical solution to this problem would involve using IP gateways to convert to SDI and then use a downstream SDI router to enable fast and clean switching. PRISM waveform monitor will support this method even in SDI, and it can also enable fast switching in IP with integration of the selected control solution such as Evertz, Lawo or Grass Valley.

Timing a hybrid IP and SDI facility

Using both a PTP and analog reference you can determine the timing for both SDI and IP signals as well as how they track with each other. Telestream SPG sync generators provide timing solutions for SDI and IP facilities, and PRISM can test network timing along with video on IP and SDI together up to 12G in SDI and up to 25G in IP.

Compliance verification in a SDI and IP hybrid facility

PRISM can provide visibility of Ancillary Data including Closed Captions and Teletext in the SDI and IP domains of the facility. The Ancillary Presence tool shows if the data is being inserted properly in the stream. The Datalist provides bit level view of the ancillary data to check if it's been properly encoded. Lastly with the decode function you can look at the Caption / Text to confirm the text insertion generator is properly programed.

Prism Media Monitoring and Analysis

PRISM SDI/IP Waveform Monitor

  • SDI support up to 8K
  • Enhanced IP Monitor for ST2110-20/30/40
  • Analyze PTP & Redundant Paths
  • SD, HD, 3G, 4K up to 25GE
  • Advanced HDR, Compliance & QC testing
PTP Reference Clock Solutions

SPG Reference Clock Solutions

  • Reliable sync source for Hybrid SDI and IP
  • Locks to GPS, PTP, NTSC/PAL black
  • Changeover for main & protect configurations
  • Test pattern generation