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Extensive camera support for live streaming

Plug in your cameras.

Benefit from an unlimited number of input devices including live camera feeds, audio, video, graphics and more.
Powerful live streaming production

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Add polish and professionalism to your broadcast using the powerful live production capabilities.
Stream live video to mulitple destinations

Stream live.

Use the built in multiformat encoding capabilities and easily stream to integrated streaming services and CDNs.

Plug in your cameras

Got gear? We'll let you use it.
Add as many sources as your hardware
can handle.

Extensive camera support for live streaming

Unlimited number of input devices

Wirecast supports an unlimited number of camera inputs ranging from web cameras (via USB, firewire) DV/HDV, SDI cameras (via capture cards), as well as IP and web-based sources and Wireless devices. Simply connect your input sources to your computer and Wirecast will recognize them as live feeds. The number of source inputs you can add to a broadcast is only limited by your hardware and processing power. See our "Sample Configurations" to see some recommendations.

Camera support

Full list of supported devices

Capture your live feeds from a wide range of standard definition (SD) and high definiton (HD) camera and video sources.

Supported input sources include:

  • USB, Web Cams
  • SDI, Composite, S-Video, DV/HDV, Component, HD-SDI, HDMI sources
  • Screen capture sources
  • IP Cameras, ONVIF, Web Stream sources  

Support for other input devices

Broadcast your desktop using built-in Desktop Presenter

Broadcast the desktop of your own or another computer during your webcasts. This is perfect for showing PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, training webcasts and product demonstrations as well as for broadcasting online game streams or live interviews using Skype or other chat clients. New! Now allows capture at 60 frames per second in amazing quality and multiple application windows.

Desktop Presenter is a free application for transmitting a computer's desktop across the network into Wirecast. You can download and install on as many machines as you like.

New! Input web streams as sources  

Now bring IP or web-based live feeds directly into Wirecast as sources. Wirecast supports RTMP, RTSP, MMS or HTTP sources. This is great for news, sports, and other live shows where you have remote sources.

Capture card support

Full list of supported devices

Capture cards are a great way to add additional input ports into your computer and offload some of the realtime processing of incoming footage.

Wirecast supports capture cards from the following manufacturers:

  • AJA
  • AVerMedia
  • BlackMagic Design (BlackMagic Design SDK integration, Mac & Windows)
  • Epiphan
  • Matrox
  • Osprey by Variosystems (DirectShow integration, Windows)

See the Wirecast Source Input Support document for a full list of supported devices.

Telestream is continually testing and qualifying new devices. Once verified, they will be added to this "Capture Card Support" list. Devices not listed may work with Wirecast, but if they are not officially qualified, our technical Support Staff may not have the information necessary to troubleshoot. In these cases, please refer to the Wirecast Support Forum

SDK for added input integration

We are continuing to add support and integration for 3rd party capture cards, cameras and input devices. And with Wirecast's SDK for partners, camera and device manufacturers can create their own source plugins for Wirecast. If your favorite device is not yet supported, we encourage you to contact your device manufacturer and let them know about our SDK.

Prepare your shots

Put yourself in the director's chair.

You have a story to tell.
Let Wirecast help you tell it.

Powerful live streaming production

Multiple user-definable layers

Keep even the most complex projects organized with Wirecast's multiple layer support, allowing up to 35 layers of live compositing. Easily place a background music track or a watermark over your webcast that stays active even when switching between multiple cameras and shots.


Easily add titles and lower thirds to your broadcast, with more than 30 built-in professional broadcast quality title themes. Pick your favorite, enter your text and you're done.

Custom Canvas Size

The custom canvas size feature is helpful when you want to capture and stream non-traditional broadcast resolutions (for example game capture).

Countdown Clock

When you switch to a recorded video, the countdown clock will display the remaining time of that video, making it easier to prepare for the next switch.


Use the built-in scoreboard templates to track scores for live action sporting events. Customize colors and fonts to capture team spirit

Integration with Sportzcast scoreboards can help you take your game to the next level. Get fully customizable scoreboards and automatic, real-time updates for Wirecast Pro for Windows!


Add polish to your broadcast by using professional-looking transitions as you switch between your cameras and sources. Generate transitions and effects in real-time, including cross-fade, 3D cube, swinging doors, and cuts.

Chroma key

Transport your production to a new studio or location using Wirecast's high quality GPU accelerated real-time green screen solution. Replace your (green) background with your own video or still image background.

Live Thumbnails

Switch between sources with confidence! The live thumbnails feature lets you see real-time displays of all your live source shots in the shot window. See exactly what’s happening on each live input at any point in time, so you can switch between multiple live cameras faster and with confidence.

3D virtual sets  

Create a virtual TV studio environment. With built-in 3D images, you can place yourself in your own TV studio complete with desk and backgrounds.

Global Audio Inspector with sync delay  

Assign audio sources and control volume levels for your entire broadcast from one easy to use window. Use the AV sync to synchronize separate audio and video sources.

Stream Live

Don't keep your audience waiting.
Stream live to the world with just
one click.

Stream live video to mulitple destinations

Stream to multiple destinations and bitrates simultaneously

Want to stream in both HD and SD to a live streaming service and your own internal streaming server? Easy! Set up your project to simultaneously stream to multiple destinations and bitrates with just a few clicks.

New! x264 encoding for stunning quality at low bit rates

You now have the choice to use x264 to live encode your stream. x264 offers high quality encoding with lower bitrates, making it one of the best low-latency video streaming formats in the world.

Stream and/or save to disk

Save your production to disk for future archiving or on-demand distribution, as you are simultaneously live broadcasting your event.

New! Program feed output to Blackmagic Design  

Take your Wirecast feed out directly to Blackmagic Design Intensity or DeckLink hardware. Ideal for sending live feeds directly into editing, effects and broadcast design systems

Our Blackmagic Design partnership is the first of many integrations for Wirecast’s new Output SDK, which enables SDI/HDMI progressive program feed out.

Broadcast to an external monitor

Wirecast's External Display Output option allows users to display their live Wirecast stream on an external monitor. This is perfect for users who need to show their live stream to an in-house audience on monitors, projectors or other display systems. This feature also give you the flexibility to send your video signal through a scan converter to allow output to broadcast workflows

Streaming format and protocol support


  • QuickTime (Mainconcept H.264, New! x264)
  • Flash (On2 (VP6) and MainConcept H.264, New! x264)
  • Windows Media (Windows)

Streaming protocols:

  • RTMP
  • RTSP
  • MMS (Windows)

New! Stream Delay

With support for stream delay in Flash, now you can delay your streamed broadcasts to add a buffer between your live stream and broadcast. Gamers: perfect for delaying your stream to hide your strategy from online competitors.

New! Bring TriCaster output into Wirecast to take advantage of Wirecast's powerful streaming options

Telestream Wirecast 5 now allows you to live stream to multiple platforms or your own streaming servers directly from your TriCaster. With Wirecast's pre-configured destinations, it's easy to stream directly to YouTube Live, Ustream, and many others in just a few clicks.

New! Output SDK for program feed output

With Wirecast's Output SDK, capture card manufacturers can create their own integration to capture a program feed out from Wirecast. If your favorite device is not yet supported, we encourage you to contact your device manufacturer and let them know about our SDK.

Easy setup with leading streaming platforms and CDNs

Wirecast offers integrated setup for your streaming services with industry leaders.

Streaming Platforms:

  • Bambuser
  • Brightcove
  • DaCast Streaming Services
  • High School Cube
  • iNK Barrel Video
  • Limelight
  • Livebeats
  • Meredix
  • Netbriefings
  • Showcaster
  • Streaming Media Hosting
  • StreamVu
  • Stretch Internet
  • Sunday Streams
  • TwitchTV
  • Ustream
  • YouTube

Streaming Servers:

  • Akamai
  • Wowza Media Server
  • Flash Media Server 4.5
  • Windows Media Server
  • QuickTime Streaming Services
Note: If your streaming platform/CDN is not in the list, ask them to
contact us or send us a request.

Virtual Camera and Microphone output

Wirecast video and audio output can be picked up as a source in other devices or software for example: Skype, GoToMeeting (Windows only) and Google Hangouts.

Qualified chats/video conferencing systems:

  • Skype – video and audio
  • Hangouts – video and audio
  • GoToMeeting – video and audio (Windows only)
  • Messages – video and audio (Mac only, OS X 10.9 Mavericks currently not supported)
  • FaceTime – video and audio (Mac only)


  • Compatible with Flash-based chat applications.

Other: Encoders:

  • Flash Live Media Encoder - Audio & Video – use Wirecast as switcher/compositor for secure RTMP adaptive streaming, Adobe HDS HTTP dynamic streaming.
  • Expression Encoder - Audio & Video – use Wirecast as switcher/compositor for live secure HTTP smooth streaming.
  • FFMPEG – use Wirecast as switcher/compositor to record to disk.
  • Compatible with many DirectShow-based capture applications on Windows.
  • Compatible with any 32-bit or 64-bit CoreMedia compatible capture application such as QuickTime Player (Mac only).
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