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Capture | Produce | Stream

Become a live streaming pro by understanding the 3 main parts of the Wirecast workflow.

Wirecast Quick Start

Set up and stream your first project. From nothing to live on Facebook in minutes!

Wirecast Example Setups

See some of the ways you can set up Wirecast as part of your video production or broadcasting workflow.

The Wirecast Show

Watch Telestream's video production and streaming experts cover various topics in Season 1.

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Overview & Setup

Wirecast Quick Start

Set up and stream your first project. From nothing to live on Facebook in minutes!

Mac Activation Guide

Install and activate Wirecast for Mac after your purchase

Windows Activation Guide

Install and activate Wirecast for Windows after your purchase

Offline Activation Guide

Manually activate Wirecast after your purchase if not connected to the internet.

Elgato Stream Deck

Get your Elgato Stream Deck to work with Wirecast.

Set Up Your Live Streaming Studio

Go behind the scenes of our live broadcasts and webinars.

Best Practices for Your House of Worship

Advanced tips and best practices for live streaming your church services..

Broadcast Your Sporting Events

Learn how easy it is to get started with live streaming your local sports events.

Video Tools for Teachers

Enhance the way you work with video in your classroom.

Insider Access Support Guide

See what is included in a Wirecast Insider Access support plan.

Premium Access Support Guide

Get best-in-class support and free upgrades with Wirecast Premium Access support plans.

ebook: Church Broadcasting on a Budget

Get the most value and provide the most impact on your live-streaming church services with Wirecast.

Wirecast Example Setups

See some of the ways you can set up Wirecast as part of your video production or broadcasting workflow.

Wirecast and NDI Workflow

See how to set up and use NDI inputs and outputs in Wirecast.

Capturing Your Content

4K Camera Sources/Support

Improved support for 4K60 input sources, playback, and stream output.

Audio Shots

Set up an audio shot in your layers.

Blackmagic Capture Devices

Get Blackmagic devices to recognize.

Camera Shots

Set up a camera shot in your layers.

Capture Monitors, Windows, and Applications

Display video from any connected monitor or active software application running on your Wirecast computer.

ISO Recording

Independently record any shot, including Rendezvous, audio-only or user-generated shots.

Live Output Snapshots

Quickly generate a snapshot of your live stream output with just one click to create a captivating composite image for your show promotions and thumbnails.

What is NDI?

Learn what Network Device Interface (NDI) is and how to use it with Wirecast.

Adding NDI Sources

Add an NDI source in Wirecast to get video input from NDI software applications.

Microsoft Teams NDI Integration

Add individual Microsoft Teams guests into Wirecast as an NDI source.

NDI Input Sources

Get video into Wirecast using various NDI hardware and software solutions.

Troubleshooting NDI Sources

A few troubleshooting tips to try in order to get your NDI source to appear in Wirecast.

PTZ/Robotic Cameras

Connect and control a PTZ/Robotic camera using Wirecast Pro's built-in PTZ Controller.

PTZOptics Cameras

Set up and configure a PTZOptics camera to use with Wirecast.

Remote Desktop Presenter

Send screen capture video into Wirecast from another computer on your local network.


Built-in peer-to-peer conferencing feature allows guests to join your live broadcast remotely.

Rendezvous Music Mode

Capture high-quality audio from musical instruments, improve audio bitrate, and enable stereo audio.

Secondary Display Output as a Virtual Camera Alternative

Use this workaround when broadcasting live to applications that block Virtual Camera.

Using Wirecast Go as a Local WiFi Camera

Set up and configure a local WiFi camera using an iOS device.

Working With Web Page Source

Add a web page as a source or overlay to your broadcast and interact with that webpage in Wirecast.

Zoom Meeting
Screen Capture for Mac

Use Screen Capture to bring a Zoom meeting into Wirecast for Mac.

Zoom Meeting
Screen Capture for Windows

Use Screen Capture to bring a Zoom meeting into Wirecast for Windows.

Zoom Meeting
Virtual Camera Out

Get Wirecast's Virtual Camera Out into a Zoom meeting.

App Note: Using PTZ Optics Cameras in Wirecast

Set up and use PTZ Optics Cameras in Wirecast live streaming and video production software.

Desktop Presenter User Guide

How to use the built-in Desktop Presenter to share your computer screen.

Using Drones with Wirecast

How to set up and use drones as video sources in Wirecast.

Rendezvous Best Practices Guide

Using Wirecast Rendezvous to bring remote speakers and sources into your live stream.

Rendezvous Chat Guide

How to chat with your Rendezvous Guests in Wirecast.

Producing Your Show

Animated Title Library

Create animated titles using Wirecast's new Title Engine.

Borders Around Sources

Easily add borders around your live camera or on-demand video sources, with custom colors, corner rounding, mattes, and more.

Chroma, Luma & Color Keys

Remove a specific color element from a video and replace it with a different element.

Clocks & Timers

Add and format clocks and timers in Wirecast.


Apply a drop shadow to any source you added to your Wirecast project.

Editing Window

Easily edit your shot layers, audio, chroma key, transitions and sources properties.


Create and assign Hotkeys which will enable you to quickly switch between live shots.

Layering System

Seamlessly combine your media to produce a customized live stream.

Lock Shot Icon

Take a snapshot of your live shot icon thumbnail and save it as a static image for your shot.

MIDI Controllers

Set up a MIDI controller with Wirecast.


Resolve audio feedback loops and echos.

Multi-Track Audio Routing

Route up to four unique audio output tracks to different devices in Wirecast Pro, for communicating behind the scenes without impacting the live stream.


Add and modify a template Placeholder and assign media to it.


Create lists of clips in Wirecast and play them as a single group.

Preview and Live Windows

Simultaneously preview a shot you are creating and what you are broadcasting live.

PTZ/Robotic Cameras

Connect and control a PTZ/Robotic camera using Wirecast Pro's built-in PTZ Controller.


Here’s how to use Replays in Wirecast to bring your audience into the action.

Resize Media

Size your media in Wirecast using the Shot Layer Properties panel.

Shot Templates

Save time by using a configured or custom shot layout for your Wirecast document.

Smooth Transitions

Use Smooth transition when moving sources on/off screen or to different areas of the screen.

Stinger Transitions

Create and customize Stinger Transitions

Stock Media Library

Choose from over 500,000 media assets when adding a source to your Wirecast project.

Text Ticker

Create a scrolling text ticker that displays messages at the bottom of your screen.

Using VST Effect Plugins

Learn how to import and use VST3 Effect Plugins in Wirecast Pro.

X-keys for Wirecast

Custom-designed USB control surface for Wirecast.

Application Shortcuts and Document Hotkeys in Wirecast

Learn how to define custom keyboard shortcuts and document hotkeys in Wirecast.

How to Use VST Plugins in Wirecast

Learn how to import and use VST3 Effect Plugins in Wirecast Pro.

Wirecast Plugin for Stream Deck User Guide

Set up and use the Wirecast Plugin on Elgato Stream Deck.

Going Live


Display multiple sources and shots on each monitor connected to your Wirecast computer.

NDI Output from Wirecast Pro

Turn on NDI output in Wirecast Pro and receive it on another Wirecast computer connected to the same network.

Recording Your Stream

Set up Wirecast to locally record your stream.

Running a Bandwidth Test

Test your internet speed to ensure a flawless stream.

Secondary Display Live Output

Send a live program feed to another screen or to a capture card in an external device.

Testimonial: The Center for the Arts

Grass Valley's Center for the Arts used Wirecast to stay connected through difficult times.

LiveU Partner Solution

Use LiveU with Wirecast to bring in high-quality video from the field wirelessly.

SRT Support Guide

Learn about Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) for video streaming in Wirecast.

ISO Best Practices Guide

Setting up, configuring, and getting the most out of ISO recording in Wirecast.

Customer Case Studies

Check out our customers' success stories by clicking on their logos.
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