Subscription-based, broadcast-quality
captioning and subtitling software

Stanza is a high-end captioning solution that allows captioning editors to work from any location. With a simple, intuitive, browser-based editing console, editors can do their work regardless of where media files are stored.

Stanza utilizes the powerful Telestream GLIM engine to play back original high-res files instantly without any need to create proxies or transfer huge media files prior to getting to work.

Looking for a low-cost, subscription-based, broadcast-grade captioning and subtitling software? Stanza is your solution.

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Stanza is platform agnostic – able to run on Windows, MacOS, and Linux and includes a browser-based user interface.

Proxy-less Workflows

Proxies do not need to be created nor do large media files need to be downloaded or moved across a local area network to work on captioning projects.

Automate Caption and Subtitle Processing

Workflow Automation

Built-in, optional access to Telestream Cloud Timed Text Speech auto-transcription and integration with Vantage Timed Text Flip transcoding and processing.

Stanza: Telestream's Best-In-Class Closed Captioning and Subtitling Solution

Stanza CaptionMaker
Ownership Model Subscription Perpetual License
Deployment Model Client-server Local installation
Operating System Server: Windows Windows
User Interface Client: Chrome Browser Local to software app
User Model Single user, Workgroup Single User
Viewer Based on GLIM – play all video file formats remotely without proxies Local to software app

Additional Stanza Features

Work within a web browser

Captioners only need a web browser and can work from anywhere in the world; no software installation, licenses, or dongles required. Multiple captioners can work on the same project simultaneously, and changes are synchronized in real time.

Play all video files without transcoding

Captioners can work with all video codecs and formats even when working remotely, including master quality ProRes, AVC-Intra, J2K, MXF, IMF, MPEG-2 transport streams, etc. without transcoding proxy files.

The Captioning and Media Experts

Telestream has the world’s best CEA-708 encoding technology for ensuring broadcast compatibility, the best media format support and transcoding technology.

Native IMSC 1.1 Authoring

Stanza uses the advanced IMSC 1.1 profile of TTML as its native format, and supports complex Unicode scripts, bidirectional text, vertical text layouts, Ruby, and other features needed for subtitling in all languages.

Automatic Speech to Text

As a first step toward AI captioning via an optional Telestream Cloud account, you can automatically convert speech into captions using the latest enhanced models.

Client – Server Architecture

Your original quality masters remain on your server, while captioners can work remotely and receive only a preview stream.

API Driven

REST API interface for integration with automation systems and custom workflows

Background processing

Long-running exports such as embedding captions or burning in subtitles run in the background on the server, freeing up captioners for other tasks.

Multiple Language Support

Projects can contain multiple languages of subtitles, and when exporting closed captions or Teletext, multiple languages can be mapped to the required services or page numbers.

Project Management with Version Control

Manage all of your projects and media files from a central location. Revisions are stored using version control, allowing for persistent undo/redo and revision management.

Import Formats

Import captions and subtitles from most types of files, including embedded captions and Teletext in media files.

Export Formats

Stanza supports all modern export formats, including embed captions into media files, subtitle overlays & burn-ins, SCC & MCC caption files, and TTML, WebVTT, SRT, and EBU-STL subtitle files.

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