Subscription-based, broadcast-quality
captioning and subtitling software

Stanza provides a low-cost entry point for organizations requiring high-end captioning capabilities by offering a subscription-based payment model. In addition, to help address the challenges of remote working, the client-server deployment model of Stanza allows captioning editors to work from any location from a simple browser-based editing console, regardless of where media files are stored. Stanza utilizes the powerful Telestream GLIM engine built in to play back original high-res files instantly without any need to create proxies or transfer huge media files prior to getting to work.

If you need broadcast-grade captioning and subtitling software and don’t want to spend capital acquiring permanent licenses, Stanza is your solution.


Stanza is platform agnostic – able to run on Windows, MacOS, and Linux and includes a browser-based user interface.

Proxy-less Workflows

Proxies do not need to be created nor do large media files need to be downloaded or moved across a local area network to work on captioning projects.

Automate Caption and Subtitle Processing

Workflow Automation

Built-in, optional access to Telestream Cloud Timed Text Speech auto-transcription and integration with Vantage Timed Text Flip transcoding and processing.