Dynamic Ad Insertion Monitoring

Increase revenue by monitoring ad performance in dynamic advertising

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End-to-End ad quality management and monitoring ad performance overcomes unacceptable ad failure rates in the DAI era

Why Content Owners and Service Providers need DAI monitoring?

Resolve end to end ad marker issues in less time

Assure linear ad marker compliance

Assure ABR manifest ad marker propagation

Anchor Success in OTT Shifts to DAI with End-to-End Ad Quality Management

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Dynamic Ad Insertion Monitoring Key Features

SCTE-35 Ad Markers Monitoring

Provide Thumbnail Display on QoE Ad Errors

ABR Manifest Ad Monitoring

Generate DAI Ad Event Deals Report

End-to-End Ad Monitoring Correlation

Report DAI Correlated Service Summary

Ad quality issues can occur in every step of the video delivery chain

Delivering OTT streaming services is an already complicated workflow across a diverse ABR network and DAI technology just adds to the complexity. At every step along the way, an error can occur that results in an ad failure. Without a comprehensive view of ad propagation, it is impossible to understand the quality of ads and fill rate, how many ad failures occur, the types of failures happening and their root causes.

Opportunity missing from contribution feed

Ad SCTE marker fails to reach downstream systems

Manifest decoration is incorrect/missing information

Media conditioning prior to ad break is not optimize

Ad creative is not accessible / poor streaming quality

Ad creative is of poor visual quality or has distorted audio

Duration of ads inconsistent with creative

Misaligned timing between variants

Misaligned resolution with main content

Telestream iQ monitoring solution helps you answer these questions:

  • How high is your ad fill rate? And not the fill rate reported by the ad server – what is the real fill rate experienced by viewers?
  • Do you have an end-to-end view of ad propagation that shows where the biggest issues are occurring?
  • Do you know how many ads have problems with ad marker insertion?
  • What is the percentage of ad opportunities that end up with a failed ad impression?
  • What are the reasons ads do not play out correctly, or even worse, don’t show up at all?
  • What can you do to reduce the amount of time you spend with your partners discussing ad issues?


High Volume content QoE Monitoring

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In-depth content QoE Monitoring

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Content Delivery Network
QoS/QoE Monitoring

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Centralized Video Monitoring Management

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