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Acquisition Products

Measuring and managing video quality in today’s networks requires far more than simply reporting what is happening on the end device. When a problem is detected there, the viewer has already seen it, and is already thinking about watching something else - or cancelling their subscription! Your brand simply cannot afford this reactive approach. You need actionable intelligence - information that will help you detect and resolve issues proactively, before the viewer and your bottom line are affected.

Our Video Intelligence Acquisition solutions are designed specifically to measure the right quality metrics for each part of the video chain: from the head-end/origin where the video is prepared, through the array of core networks, CDNs, and access networks where congestion and packet drops are a constant challenge.

Our acquisition solutions are available as appliance-based products, virtualized software for use on your own servers, or on cloud-based resources. Even if you don’t own or have access to the network, we have solutions that give you the visibility that you need.

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Inspector® Family: For content inspection at the Headend, including encoding, transcoding and packaging
Surveyor™ Family: For targeted intelligence-gathering across the networks that deliver your video
Sentry Family: All in one monitoring & analysis solution
Third-Party Client Analytics: Our Platform integrates with device-level data collection collection applications for End-to-End view and impact analysis