Inspect 2110

Inspect 2110 monitors ST 2110 and ST 2022-6 IP video networks providing the automated visibility and diagnostics operations teams need. Broadcast production is changing from SDI to IP video bringing several benefits in flexibility, scale and efficiency. However that flexibility brings operational challenges to ensure the IP video network is working as expected.

  Inspect 2110 Product Sheet

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Feature Benefits

Confirm video, audio, and data streams are present, correct and compliant to the standards

Ensure redundant video and audio streams the same, in sync and healthy

Check that PTP synchronization is correct and operational

View network traffic and identify QOS trends

Click to launch video stream on PRISM for detailed analysis

IP Video Monitoring

Inspect 2110 monitors ST 2110 and ST 2022-6 streams across a production or contribution network to make sure they are present and healthy. A notification will be triggered if the format of the video, audio or data has errors or differs from the SDP file. Thumbnails provide visual feedback of the video quality, with status icons that include mouse-over alert messages and a direct link to diagnostics.

PRISM Connection for ST 2110 Analysis

Simplify operations of ST 2110 video networks by combining Inspect 2110 monitoring with PRISM waveform monitor. Inspect 2110 provides scalable video network monitoring by exception and includes a ‘click-to-view in PRISM’ button to automatically launch any stream in PRISM for deep ST 2110 / ST 2022-6 video waveform, audio, data and PTP analysis.

Redundancy and SDP File Checks

To help video operations, Inspect 2110 can compare the SDP file to the actual ST 2110 video streams running on the IP network. In addition, redundant ST2110 and ST2022-6 video/audio/ancillary streams are compared -- including calculating primary/backup essence out of sync values -- to ensure both streams match and are operating as expected. Easily view redundant stream thumbnails and comparisons, and get alerts by exceptions of mismatch issues.

PTP Timing

PTP timing and synchronization is critical for IP video networking, and Inspect 2110 collects PTP performance metrics and confirms the video network is properly synchronized. Inspect 2110 simplifies automated detection of PTP issues and diagnostics, saving time and reducing errors.

High Performance

Inspect 2110 supports up to 100Gbps of monitoring capacity across dual 40G/100G Ethernet interfaces. It uses a software container-based architecture for high performance and future cloud deployments. Developers will appreciate the API-first design for automation, and that the easy to use Inspect 2110 web UI uses the same API.

IQ Solution Family

Inspect 2110 is the latest addition to the market leading IQ video quality assurance product family. With the the addition of ST 2110 and ST 2022-6 monitoring, broadcast operations and network distribution teams have a complete range of video workflow monitoring solutions from ST 2110 and St 2022-6 sources through ABR OTT streaming services.