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Upgrade instructions for Telestream Web Store CustomersTelestream Web Store Customers

ATTENTION previous version customers: ScreenFlow 10 is a paid upgrade

If you install version 10 and attempt to complete a project without purchasing a new license or upgrade, your videos exported from ScreenFlow 10 will contain a watermark. Once you have entered a valid version 10 serial, projects that were created in demo mode can be re-exported to remove the watermark.

ScreenFlow 4 and higher:
If you are on version 4–9, we have special upgrade pricing for you! Simply follow these steps:

  • Version 6+
    • Download and install ScreenFlow 10.
    • Open ScreenFlow 10 and use a buy link in the ScreenFlow menu or Preferences > License panel.
      • Your prior version serial number must be activated in the ScreenFlow Preferences > License panel of ScreenFlow 10 before initiating the upgrade process.
      • If you run into ANY issues, just come back and enter your email or serial number in the ScreenFlow Upgrade Tool below.

ScreenFlow 1 thru 3
If you are on version 1–3, we don’t have any upgrade pricing available. Please purchase a new license of ScreenFlow starting at $169 .
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Upgrade Pricing

  • ScreenFlow 9 → ScreenFlow 10 = $49
  • ScreenFlow 8 → ScreenFlow 10 = $59
  • ScreenFlow 7 → ScreenFlow 10 = $69
  • ScreenFlow 6 → ScreenFlow 10 = $79
  • ScreenFlow 5 → ScreenFlow 10 = $89
  • ScreenFlow 4 → ScreenFlow 10 = $99

Upgrade instructions for Mac App Store CustomersMac App Store Customers

Unfortunately, the Mac App Store does not offer any provisions for upgrade pricing. You can purchase ScreenFlow 10 from the Mac App Store at full price. This option would allow you to run ScreenFlow on as many devices as the Mac App Store allows.

If you are seeking upgrade pricing listed here, you may use the ScreenFlow Upgrade Tool below. This will require that you transfer your license to a Telestream license, upgrade to ScreenFlow 10, and run it on one device at a time per the Telestream EULA.

If you are running Mac App Store ScreenFlow and it is no longer operational due to OS compatibility updates, you can upgrade for the pricing listed above and transfer your license to a Telestream license which has compatibility fixes. Please contact our sales team by sending an email to desktopsales@telestream.net and attach a receipt with confirmation of purchase, or send a screen shot from the Mac App Store—view your account's list of Purchased apps, and make sure ScreenFlow shows in the list. We will respond with a link to upgrade to a Telestream license.

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