Telestream Cloud

Telestream Cloud

Cloud Native SaaS

Application: Cloud native media processing services including Transform, Stream Monitor, QC, and Timed Text Speech transcription

Deployment: All SaaS, web interface, Rest API

Management: Telestream managed infrastructure and resources

Pricing Model: Granular consumption (minutes + multipliers)

Highlights: Multi-cloud, broad format support, no need to install—use immediately

Telestream Cloud is a SaaS platform that provides a variety of digital media processing services in the cloud. It operates across multiple cloud service providers and within numerous geographic regions.

Each service provides a rich set of media processing capabilities. Services offered include transcoding, stream monitoring, timed text transcription, and file-based quality control.

Telestream Products that also use Telestream Cloud include:

Telestream Cloud is ideal for uses such as:

Vantage Cloud Port

Vantage Cloud Port

Hybrid Extension for Vantage

Application: Integrated Vantage workflow & processing

Deployment: Seamless cloud extension from Vantage

Management: Vantage manages workflow execution on-prem and cloud, as set by customer. Cloud platform managed by Telestream

Pricing Model: Granular consumption pricing

Highlights: Uncompromised workflow execution, wherever your media lives

Vantage Cloud Port is a purpose-built feature that allows extensions to Vantage workflows in the cloud. While many other cloud solutions require Vantage Users to have their media delivered to the Vantage workflow from an external cloud service, Vantage Cloud Port provisions Vantage workflows with the powerful orchestration and control tools Vantage users are accustomed to using. The media stays within Vantage control and the customers architecture.

This workflow results in higher performance and lower costs. Vantage Cloud Port is location and resource aware: Vantage workflows automatically “follow the media.” As workflows files are orchestrated, Vantage Cloud Port automatically provides intelligent and efficient management of cloud storage, avoiding egress fees and providing operational efficiencies that are easily monitored.

Workflows can be made to burst in peak demand situations – you’re ready for worst case workload without constant over provisioning. Consumption based pricing protects your bottom line. partner integrations that have made Vantage the industry standard are now available in a flexible hybrid cloud offering.

Vantage Virtual Deployment

Vantage Virtual Deployment

Flexible Software Deployment & Licensing

Application: Vantage automation & processing

Deployment: Virtual Vantage instances deployed on customer provisioned infrastructure (private/public cloud)

Management: Vantage is 100% owned and managed by the customer

Pricing Model: Perpetual licenses or Vantage software rental configurations with commitment of as few as 30 days augmented with on-demand usage based pricing

Highlights: Flexibly leverage your own virtualization infrastructure and GPU acceleration with scalable Vantage Virtual Deployment

Combined with Vantage Cloud Port, Vantage Virtual Deployment offers quickly scalable workflows by augmenting on-prem or cloud-based Vantage VM's with run-in-cloud Vantage actions that are billed on a per-minute basis.

Vantage Cloud Port enables sophisticated and customizable solutions that enable new deployment features and licensing options to support rapid scaling of Vantage virtual instances in order to meet peaks in throughput demand. Vantage domains use a centralized database that contains all workflow designs—and all aspects of their configuration.

Worker nodes connect to this database on startup and dynamically orchestrate job execution based on the state of the overall domain. Our groundbreaking workflow engine and load balancing intelligently make every decision at runtime to ensure best utilization of available resources.

Vantage worker nodes are deployed as x86-based VM images, that can be deployed from a single master image. Upon startup, new workers are automatically assigned tasks and increase throughput. A cost-effective rental fee is charged daily for additional nodes not covered by the perpetual license.

Vantage Virtual Deployment is ideal for uses such as: