Telestream is aware of the recently disclosed security issue relating to the open-source Apache “Log4j2” utility (CVS 202144228). We are actively working on identifying and addressing any of our products that are using this utility.

Telestream has determined that the following products are not affected:
Vantage, Lightspeed Live Capture, Lightspeed Live Stream, ContentAgent, Aurora, Cerify, Vidchecker, CaptionMaker, MacCaption, GLIM, Switch, Wirecast, Wirecast Gear, Screenflow, WFM, PRISM, Signal Generators, MPEG Analyzers, DIVAView, MassStore, Flashnet, iVMS, iVMS ASM, InspectorLive, Cricket, Geminus, IQ Media Monitor, Surveyor TS, SurveyorABR Active, PLM, cVOC, cPAR, Sentry, Sentry ABR, Sentry Verify, Medius, Consul, and our Telestream Cloud Services.

For products DIVACore, DIVAConnect, Kumulate, SurveyorABR Passive, and Inspect 2110, contact for more information.

Please monitor our website for any new updates.