Measuring 4K and UHD formats in SDI and IP sources for a Hybrid IP facility

With the growth of IP systems, SDI is still very common and forms a hybrid facility where IP and SDI coexist together. PRISM waveform monitors were designed to support SDI, IP, and hybrid workflows . Allowing post production and broadcast to work in 4K/UHD formats in both SDIand IP. SPG reference clock solutions provide reliable synchronization for analog references,along with support for Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and SDI or IP test signals for hybrid facilities.

Troubleshoot issues that traverse IP and SDI paths

Modern productions employ a wide range and combination of IP and SDI workflows. PRISM has a full suite of traditional SDI waveform monitor tools up to 12G SDI, including a physical layer measurement of the Eye Pattern. Many of the tools can be used for both SDI and IP allow engineers and operators to make the transition between SDI and IP easier. Testing across SDI and IP, PRISM comes equipped with a full suite of tools to analyze the performance of IP video networks for ST 2110 and ST 2022 protocols.

Fast switching problems on an IP network

The asynchronous nature of IP Media networks means that the transport of the data happens differently to SDI. However, operators and engineers need to use the same workflow for their content and expect to make a clean switch at the push of a button from one source to another. To achieve this in IP a different methodology needs to be deployed that involves joining the new stream before disconnecting or breaking the previous signal a process referred to as Make Before Break”. PRISM waveform monitors provide this Fast Switching capability to allow seamless switching that is an effective solutions to the problem.

Timing: Crucial in a hybrid IP and SDI facility

When multiple feeds and signals are being combined from different sources, having a solution to synchronize and time them all together becomes invaluable. Using both a PTP and analog reference, you can determine the timing for SDI and IP signals, as well as how they track with each other. Telestream SPG9000 SP sync generators provides timing solutions for SDI and IP facilities.

Compliance verification in a hybrid SDI and IP facility

PRISM provides visibility of Closed Captions and Teletext in SDI and IP domains. The Ancillary Presence tool shows if the data is being inserted properly in the stream, and the Datalist tool provides bit-level view of the data to check if it's been properly encoded. With the Decode function, you can look at the text to confirm the insertion generator is working properly.

Prism Media Monitoring and Analysis

PRISM SDI/IP Waveform Monitor

  • SDI support up to 8K
  • Enhanced IP Monitor for ST 2110-20/30/40
  • Analyze PTP & Redundant Paths
  • SD, HD, 3G, 4K up to 25GE
  • Advanced HDR, Compliance & QC testing
PTP Reference Clock Solutions

SPG Reference Clock Solutions

  • Reliable sync source for Hybrid SDI and IP
  • Locks to GPS, PTP, NTSC/PAL black
  • Changeover for main & protect configurations
  • Test pattern generation