Check out these ScreenFlow activation tutorials:

Here are some of the most common license activation questions:

  • Watermark (in demo) after updating to v4.0.5

    Watermark on exported project (demo mode) after update to 4.0.5.

    Open ScreenFlow > Preferences > Licenses. Click the Lock (enter your admin password), and click "Activate Serial Number". Once you have activated, the “Not Activated” should be removed, you can now try your export again and you will no longer see the ScreenFlow Demo watermark.

  • Installing ScreenFlow on a New Mac

    To install ScreenFlow on your new Mac, you can follow the previous activation instructions from your receipt or you can download the latest version of ScreenFlow from our download page:

    *You may need to create a new User Name and Password to be able to download from our website.

    Once you have installed the latest version, activate your license:

    • Open ScreenFlow and select Preferences > Licenses
    • Click Unlock and enter Admin Password
    • Enter serial number exactly as it appears on order confirmation
    • When your license has been validated, you will have access to all of the features you purchased
  • “Activate” button is grayed out

    When trying to activate the ScreenFlow v1, v2, or v3 license, the "Activate" button remains grayed out.

    Please confirm you are running the appropriate version for your license. If you have ScreenFlow v4.x installed, your v1 (VMSF001), v2 (VMSF2001), or v3 (VMSF3001) serial number will not activate unless you upgrade.

    If you do not wish upgrade at this time, please remove ScreenFlow v4 from your applications folder and download our previous version of ScreenFlow 3. For earlier versions, please contact support.

  • Engine could not be installed (-2003)

    When trying to activate the license, the program displays "There has been a licensing problem. Engine could not be not installed (-2003)."

    To fix this error, please update your ScreenFlow to the latest version.

    If you continue to have difficulty, please try the following:

    • Go to Macintosh HD > Library > Frameworks and delete the following folders:
      ◊  EWSMac.framework
      ◊  EWSMac-GC.framework
    • Please visit and download the Engine Updater for
      Mac OS X. Then, run the updater and try your activation again.

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