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Editing ScreenCasts : Using the Canvas Panel : Configuring the Canvas

Configuring the Canvas
The canvas size represents your total usable display space (as measured in pixels) of your output video.
Click the Canvas button to highlight the canvas rectangle and display canvas controls. Click the button again to hide the controls. Clicking the button to hide the controls without first clicking Apply cancels any changes you have made.
Canvas Size: To change the maximum canvas size, click and drag any corner of the highlighted rectangle, or enter the width and height values in the Canvas X and Y fields.
The canvas size cannot be set to a value larger than the original recording.
Background Color. Click the Background Color button (to the right of the Canvas X and Y fields) to choose the background color of the canvas. (Default: black.)
Snap to Front Window. Check to highlight a foreground window in your recording and want to crop the area outside of that window. This helps you to crop the canvas around the foreground window.
Reset | Cancel | Apply. Use these buttons to reset the settings to the default values, cancel changes you’ve made, or apply the changes you’ve made.

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