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Editing ScreenCasts : Callout Properties

Callout Properties
Callout properties are used to highlight a specific portion of the screen. Callout properties can only be applied to callout actions in screen recording clips. Callout properties can not be applied at a clip level, and can only be applied to screen recording clips, not other video clips.
Figure 32. Callout Properties
Callout Properties Dropdown Menu
Add Callout Action. Select to add a callout action at the moment indicated by the scrubber in the selected clip.
Reset to Defaults. Select to reset all properties in this panel to default values. When you select Reset to Defaults, the settings applied by this command are the settings in place when Make Settings Default for New Callouts was executed.
Make Settings Default for new Callouts. Select to set all properties as they currently exist, as default values for any new callout clips added to this project.
Callout Properties Controls
Highlight. Select how to highlight an area of the recording in three different ways. Mouse Cursor highlights a circular space around the mouse cursor.
Foreground Window highlights any window which is currently active.
Freehand allows you to draw the area you want to highlight.
Opacity. Use the slider to control the percent of opacity of the space outside the callout. A value of 0 makes the surrounding area opaque; a 100% value makes the surrounding area invisible.
Blur. Use the slider or manually enter the pixel value to blur the content in a callout area (range: 0-16).
Blur Background. Check to blur the area outside of the callout.
Zoom Up. Use the slider or manually enter the percentage value to magnify the area inside the callout (range: 0 to 100%).
Border. Use the slider or manually enter the value to create a gradual loss in opacity as the shadow spreads from the center (range: 0-60). This feature is does not apply to freehand callouts.
Outline. Enter the value (in pixels) to create an outline around the callout area (range: 0 to 200.)
Click the color box to change the color of the outline.
Shadow. Check to add a shadow behind the callout.
Use the slider or manually enter the value to create a gradual loss in opacity as the shadow spreads from the center (range: 0-60).
Feather. Specify the blend value (in pixels) to apply to the callout border to create a smooth transition between the callout area and the surrounding space (range: 0-20).
Round. Applies to Foreground callouts only. Specify the round-off value (in pixels) of the callout edge to create a more gentle appearance (range: 0-200).
Build. Specify the transition time of the callout, in seconds, up to 2 decimal places. Duration In determines the amount of build-in time to reach the full effect of the callout. Duration Out determines the amount of build-out time to return to normal.

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