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Editing ScreenCasts : Screen Recording Properties

Screen Recording Properties
Screen recording properties can only be applied to ScreenFlow screen recording clips. They can not be applied to video or other clips. ScreenFlow files (unlike other QuickTime movies and other video formats) contain proprietary spatial and temporal information about mouse tracking and key presses that enables powerful special effects to enhance your screencast.)
Note: Media created by ScreenFlow is saved in a file in ScreenFlow format, with an scc extension. This is a proprietary format which can only be utilized by ScreenFlow.
Figure 31. Screen Recording Properties
Screen Recording Properties Dropdown Menu
Add Screen Recording Action. Select to add a screen recording action at the moment indicated by the scrubber in the selected clip.
Reset to Defaults. Select to reset all properties in this panel to default values.
Screen Recording Properties Controls
Pointer Zoom. Check to increase the size of the mouse pointer in the screen recording.
Often it can be difficult to easily distinguish or track the mouse in a screencast, particularly if the video has been significantly resized. Increasing the pointer zoom value increases the size of the mouse cursor, making it easier for the viewer to follow.
Use the slider or manually enter the value to specify the percent of increase to apply.
Click Effect. Select None | Radar | Invert from the dropdown menu to create a visual effect when you click the mouse. Radar projects a red circle with each click. Invert changes the cursor from black to white and back with each click.
Pointer. Select Default | Circle | Square | Choose Image from the dropdown menu to change the pointer image. Select Choose Image to display an Open dialog, and navigate to and select any custom image file. When selecting a custom image, specify the cursor hotspot position.
Opacity. Opacity is the degree of pointer translucency. The greater the value, the more opaque the pointer. If the value is set to zero, the pointer is invisible. Default: 75%.
Use the slider to set the value or enter it manually (0 to 100%).
This may be used with an action to fade the pointer in or out.
Sound on Click. Click the down arrow to display Sound on Click details. Check to generate a sound when the mouse button is pressed.
Volume. Sets the volume level of the mouse click sound (from 0 to 5,000%). Use the arrows to set the value or enter it manually.
Click Sound. Click Choose to display an Open dialog, and navigate to and select any custom sound file, to play a unique sound file every time the mouse is clicked.
Show Keys Pressed. Check to display the text of keyboard characters typed during the recording.
Show Modifier Keys Pressed. Check to display modifiers used in hotkey commands, function keys, and the arrow keys that were pressed during the recording.

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