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Editing ScreenCasts : Media Library

Media Library
The media library stores all recorded and imported media in an unaltered state. This material may be dragged to your timeline or canvas to add it to your project. Dragging the content to the canvas or timeline more than once duplicates the content.
Media created by ScreenFlow is saved in a file in ScreenFlow format, with an scc extension. This is a proprietary format which can only be utilized by ScreenFlow.
You can import media by dragging the media from the Finder to your media library, and export media by dragging the media out to your desktop, target folder or server.
You can rename media files in your library by highlighting the media, then clicking on the name below. This also renames all associated clips on the timeline unless they have already been given a custom name.
Figure 37. Media Library
Media Dropdown Menu
Right-click (Control-click) your media to display the dropdown menu.
Preview Source. Select to preview video, audio, or still image clips stored in the media library. Or, move your mouse near the center and wait a moment until the Play button displays over the thumbnail; then click the Play button. ScreenFlow displays the video in a preview window, with player controls superimposed at the base of the window.
Add to Timeline at Playhead. Select to add your media to the timeline beginning at the current scrubber position.
Delete Media. Select to remove the media from your project. If the media has been placed on the timeline, it is removed following a confirmation prompt. Media files are not deleted from the file system.
Media Controls
Zoom. Use the slider to change the display size of the media thumbnail.
Add Media. Click to browse local drives or network servers for media to import into your ScreenFlow project. This may include video files, audio files, and still images.
Add Recording. Click to create a new recording. For details, see Adding A Recording.

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