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Publishing Your Screencast : Publishing to Vimeo : Vimeo Settings

Vimeo Settings
Figure 50. Vimeo Settings Window
Title. Enter the title for your screencast. Default uses your project name.
Description. Enter a description for your screencast.
Tags. Enter keywords to describe your screencast. When Vimeo users search for these words, your video is included in the search results.
Access. Check to mark your screencast as personal for authorized viewing only. The default option uses your Vimeo preferences.
Quality. Select this option to publish your screencast in HD. Maximum resolution is 640x480, if unchecked, and 1280x720, if checked.
Publish. Click Publish to export and upload your screencast.
ScreenFlow displays a progress bar to indicate encoding and upload progress. Click Cancel at any time to abort the encode/upload process.

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