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Publishing Your Screencast : Publishing to Vimeo

Publishing to Vimeo
Select File > Publish to Vimeo to publish your video directly to the Vimeo video hosting site. If you don’t have a Vimeo account, you are prompted to create one.
Figure 45. Vimeo Log In Window
Setting up your account
Click the Join Vimeo button to create a Vimeo account. Choose Basic or Plus to determine the type of Vimeo account you want to set up.
Figure 46. Vimeo Account Window
After you have chosen your account preference, enter your first and last name, e-mail, and password to create your account.
Figure 47. Join Vimeo Window
After your account has been created, you must authorize ScreenFlow to publish directly to your account.
After accessing your account, Vimeo prompts you to authorize the application to upload directly to your Vimeo account. Click Yes, authorize ScreenFlow! to enable Vimeo uploads.
Figure 48. Vimeo Authorization Window
Verify account
Figure 49. Vimeo Account Verification Window
Vimeo Account. This displays your currently accessed Vimeo account.
Remember login in my keychain. Select this option to retain your account information when uploading to Vimeo.
Change Account. Click this button to access a different Vimeo account.

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