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About ScreenFlow : Unlocking ScreenFlow (Telestream Web Store Only) : Purchasing ScreenFlow Directly in the Application

Purchasing ScreenFlow Directly in the Application
The easiest way to purchase and activate ScreenFlow is to directly in the application:
Step 1 Launch ScreenFlow.
Step 2 Select Purchase > Purchase ScreenFlow Online to display the License pane.
Figure 1. Preferences Licenses Pane (Unlicensed)
Step 3 Click the Lock icon at the bottom of the panel, and enter your password to allow ScreenFlow to make changes to your license.
Note: Your user must be an administrator. If your username is not an administrative account, you’ll need to create one in order to continue.
Step 4 Click the Purchase License button to go to the Telestream online store and purchase a license.
Step 5 When the purchase is complete, the ScreenFlow license installs automatically.

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