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About ScreenFlow : Unlocking ScreenFlow (Telestream Web Store Only) : Activating Your License

Activating Your License
If you have already purchased a license through the Telestream Web Store, Telestream sent you an email receipt containing your license key.
The easiest way to register and activate ScreenFlow is to click on the link provided in your email receipt. If this link doesn’t work, register ScreenFlow as follows:
Step 1 Launch ScreenFlow.
Step 2 Select Purchase > Unlock ScreenFlow to display the License pane.
Step 3 Click the Lock icon at the bottom of the panel, and enter your password to allow ScreenFlow to make changes to your license.
Note: Your user must be an administrator. If your username is not an administrative account, you’ll need to create one in order to continue.
Step 4 Click Enter Serial Number and enter the license key into the license key field:
Figure 2. Enter Your Serial Number To Unlock Screenflow
Step 5 Click Activate to activate your serial number and unlock ScreenFlow.
Note: If the Activate button is dimmed, it means that the license is invalid. Double-check your license from the e-mail. Make sure that all letters are capitalized, dashes are included, and all 0’s are zeros, not the letter O. It may also help to copy and paste your serial number from your e-mail, but be careful not to copy any additional text such as a space. If you are still having problems, please contact technical support.
Step 6 Now your serial number is activated and ScreenFlow is unlocked. Close the Preferences window to continue.

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