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Preferences : Licenses (Telestream Web Store Only)

Licenses (Telestream Web Store Only)
The Licenses pane displays your serial number and allows you to manage your licenses.
Note: This topic does not apply if you purchased ScreenFlow from the Mac App Store. The App Store has its own installation and licensing procedure.
ScreenFlow must be licensed to fully enable the export capabilities. If ScreenFlow is not licenses, all exported and published files are watermarked.
License functions are locked, and require administrator access to prevent guests from removing your license. Click the lock at the bottom of the window to make changes, then click the lock again, when you’re done.
Licensing ScreenFlow
If ScreenFlow is not currently licensed, the Licenses pane displays the buttons as depicted in the following figure:
Figure 55. Preferences Licenses pane (unlicensed)
Purchase License. Click to purchase a ScreenFlow license from the Telestream Web site. The license is automatically installed upon completion of your purchase.
Enter Serial Number. Click this button to enter a serial number which has already been issued. This field is case sensitive. All letters must be capitalized and hyphens must be included.
Deactivate Serial Number. This option is disabled.
Changing and Deactivating a Serial Number
When ScreenFlow is licensed, the Licenses pane displays the buttons as depicted in the following figure:
Figure 56. Preferences Licenses Pane (Licensed)
Upgrade License. Click to upgrade your ScreenFlow license from a previous version, thereby enabling full access to the features of the current ScreenFlow version. The upgrade fee depends on which license you have installed.
Change Serial Number. Click to enter a different serial number that you have already purchased for use with ScreenFlow.
Deactivate Serial Number. Click to deactivate your ScreenFlow license. This allows you to use your license on a different computer. Please allow up to 15 minutes to process the deactivation before re-activating this serial number.

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