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Preferences : Advanced Pane

Advanced Pane
The Advanced pane provides advanced ScreenFlow settings.
Figure 54. Preferences Advanced Pane
Video Magnification. Select Smooth | Sharp to set the compression algorithm used when computing a scale effect or zoom callout. Smooth blurs color values to create a smoother transition. Sharp does not blur color values. Default: Smooth.
Screen Recording Compression. Select Adaptive | Lossless to specify the method of compression used in recording the video. Adaptive uses a compression method which recognizes clips of the display which do not change thereby resulting in a smaller file size. Lossless uses an uncompressed recording method which does not record content based on changes thereby resulting in a larger file size.
Default: Adaptive. This setting is recommended because the Lossless setting rarely results in better quality, but always results in a larger file size.
Computer Audio. Click to install or uninstall ScreenFlow’s computer audio driver. This driver is required for recording system audio.
Note: If you purchased ScreenFlow through the App Store, this setting is not available. The computer audio driver installs automatically.
Capture Scratch Disk. Click Change to specify your capture scratch disk volume and directory. ScreenFlow saves recording files in this directory as they are being created. If your recording is interrupted for any reason, you can find it in the capture scratch disk directory.

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