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Preferences : Timeline Pane

Timeline Pane
Use the Timeline pane to set timeline preferences.
Figure 53. Preferences Timeline Pane
Use SMPTE timecode. Check to display the timeline scale as SMPTE timecode (HH:MM:SS:FF – Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames). If unchecked, the scale uses an informal method of displaying time markers (for example, 1h2m30s).
Show current time when scrubbing. Check to display exact time when moving the scrubber around in the timeline.
Default Transition. Select the default effect to use when generating a transition. Default: Bars Swipe.
Default Track Height. Select the default track height of timeline tracks. If you typically use many tracks, you may want to set this to Small, so that you can see more tracks in your window without scrolling. Default: Regular.
Default duration of still images. Use the arrows or manually enter the value (in seconds) of the default length of an image clip on the timeline. Range: one-tenth of a second (3 frames) to 50 seconds. Default: 5 seconds.

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