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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vantage replacing FlipFactory?

Transcoding: For simple transcoding, yes. FlipFactory will be replaced by Vantage

Transcode Workflow: For more complicated workflows, today it depends. In Version 1.0 there are things that FlipFactory can do that Vantage cannot. In a few years, Vantage will replace FlipFactory entirely.

Is FlipFactory still an active product?

Yes - it shares its code with Vantage and is still under active development. It will be supported for several years.

Can I still buy FlipFactory?

Yes. This is particularly important for customers who:

  • Are adding to an existing FlipFactory array
  • Use FlipFactory SDK integration
  • Are TrafficManager, NewsManager or AdManager customers

Can I trade-in FlipFactory for Vantage?

Yes. If you have purchased FlipFactory within the last year Telestream will not double-charge for what you’ve already bought. However, Vantage offers new capabilities, and there is a trade-in charge. Trading-in requires current FlipFactory Maintenance and Support. Please contact Telestream sales for details.

What if I just purchased my FlipFactory, can I get a free trade-in to Vantage?

Customers who purchased FlipFactory between March 1, 2010 and the ship release of Vantage Version 1.0 will be eligible for a free trade-in to the equivalent Vantage product. Customers must decide that they want to trade-in no later than 60 days after the ship release of Vantage Version 1.0.

If I purchased ITU Loudness or FlipScan do I get a free Vantage Analysis?

If you purchased the ITU Loudness option or the FlipScan option we will credit you the price you paid for these options to the purchase of Vantage Analysis.

How hard is it to trade-in? Can I get help?

FlipFactory factories cannot be imported into Vantage. Vantage’s workflow capabilities also may make old Factories obsolete, as new streamlined workflows are available. To help with migration, Telestream offers paid phone and on-site migration support.

Is everything that is available in FlipFactory also available in Vantage?

In general yes. The exceptions are IPV MPEG-1, PacketVideo, Quantel SD, Abekas Encoding, MAV70. These encoders are not supported in Vantage. QuickTime stitching is also not supported.

We do not fully support the inputs required to properly process certain formats (most notably DPX/Cineon formats). The support of DPX/Cineon formats will appear in a 1.1 or later release.

TrafficManager and AdManager workflows are not supported in Vantage yet. You should keep selling TrafficManager and AdManager into these opportunities.

The Vantage SDK will be available in Vantage 1.1.

Can I install Vantage on a FlipFactory Server?

No. Please use virtual machines or a different server if you are running Vantage.

What are the differentiators between Vantage Transcode, Transcode Pro and Workflow?

  • Vantage Transcode includes support for SD and HD edit systems, Web, mobile, streaming servers, VOD
  • Vantage Transcode Pro adds IPTV, broadcast servers, MXF
  • Vantage Workflow adds monitoring and delivery to broadcast servers, metadata processing, all array functionality

Can I buy Analysis as a standalone product?

No, Analysis is meant to be used in a Telestream workflow, either as a companion to FlipFactory or as part of a Vantage Transcode system or in a larger Vantage Workflow system.

What options are available for Vantage?

  • GraphicsFactory - Only timeline driven workflows are supported
  • Screen Subtitling
  • IPV WM Plug in
  • Dolby E decode or pass through

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