Quality Assurance: visibility and business intelligence to lower overall cost by increasing efficiency, maximize revenue by ensuring great quality, enforce compliance, and ensure brand strength.

DAI Monitoring

Monitor your dynamic ad performance

Linear Monitoring

Content source, post-proces & distribution

iQ video monitoring benefits include:

Lower Costs

  • Reduce time to resolve
  • Reduce compliance issues & inefficiencies
  • Reduce service level agreement issues

Maximize Revenue

  • Reduce subscriber churn
  • Increase service deployment velocity
  • Grow subscribers with higher quality services

Strong Brand

  • Often resolve issues before customer impact
  • Ability to report quality metrics
  • Competitive quality metrics advantage
Frost and Sullivan Award

Featured iQ Monitoring Solutions


Monitor OTT streaming workflows in cloud, on-prem or virtual environments


iQ offers multiple linear monitoring options ideal to monitor IPTV delivery

Ad Insert

SCTE and Dynamic Ad Insert visibility, including alerts and business intelligence

Remote PHY

Deliver video across Distributed Access Architecture using Remote PHY monitoring


Assure compliance with audio, captions, and other industry standards


iQ offers the most cloud options: customer hosted, Telestream hosted, or Telestream service


iQ supports VOD ABR service testing, automate new program and CDN warmup testing

A great monitoring solution is more than great probes

  • Single Pane of Glass
  • Biggest Selection of Probes
  • Linear, ABR
  • NPAW & Conviva Player Analytics
  • Program Correlation
  • Import Your Network Diagram
  • Full Compliance Reporting
  • Cloud, Virtual, Appliance Options
  • Ad Insert Visibility & Reporting
  • Alert Aggregation
  • Back Office Integrations
  • Live and VOD Stream Testing

iQ Solutions offer the widest range of deployment options in the industry

Video networks are evolving, providing common monitoring technology in any environment including on-prem, virtual or cloud.


iQ software pre-installed on an optimized appliance

  • High performance
  • Pre-installed saves time
  • Most common configuration


iQ software is available for on-prem virtual networks

  • Container, VMware, and Linux KVM options
  • Install on customer owned servers

Cloud Hosted

Cloud versions of iQ software are available

  • Hosted by Telestream
  • Hosted by customer on AWS, Google or Azure
  • Full featured probes

Cloud Service

Telestream Cloud Live ABR Monitor service

  • On-demand, pay-as-you
  • Quick start, no install

See Telestream Cloud for More information

From content creation through streaming delivery, iQ Solutions ensures the most efficient monitoring operations and best possible video experience

iQ Video Management System (IVMS ASM) enables dramatic operational efficiency by gathering monitoring data from points across the network, and translating that information into visibility, insight and actionable intelligence. IVMS ASM correlates program information, aggregates alerts, and enables faster diagnostics.

Inspector Live provides in depth content inspection of video and audio for QOE reporting at the headend

Sentry focuses on detailed structure analysis of MPEG streams for higher capacity QOE at the headend

Surveyor TS provides high capacity QOS monitoring of delivery performance across the distribution network

Surveyor ABR Active acts as a synthetic client to monitor any or all Live or VOD ABR streams

Surveyor ABR Publishing and Surveyor ABR Intra-CDN provide insights into complex network, caching and performance metrics

Whether you're creating video, distributing video—or both, Telestream has a video quality assurance solution for you.

Content Owner and Broadcaster

iQ solutions make sure viewers are seeing your content with the intended quality, and that the companies you count on to store, prepare, deliver your content are consistently providing the quality of service expected.


Cloud video workflows must operate flawlessly to provide consistent, high-quality content. iQ solutions provide the visibility, insight and diagnostics to operationalize cloud workflows and diagnose issues quickly

Service Provider and Telco

You need to be able to discover, troubleshoot and fix video problems before your subscribers tune out. iQ Solutions provide the intelligence to know what’s going wrong and what to do about it.

Hybrid Applications and Enterprises

Your network is struggling with all of the new uses for video. iQ solutions provide the detailed information you need to determine where the video bottlenecks are to resolve issues.

iQ Solutions are the most trusted and widely deployed video monitoring solution by service providers, OTT streaming, and broadcasters around the world.