Automated Monitoring that Scales

As media companies transition video operations to IP networking technology at scale, a more automated approach to monitoring the health of the video network can be achieved. Like large scale MPEG stream monitoring on IP delivery networks, Telestream now offers Inspect 2110 for automated ST 2110 and ST 2022-6 video monitoring providing the visibility, verification and alert by exception that operations teams require. While Inspect 2110 monitors the video network at scale, a simple click-to-view enables deep analysis of any stream in PRISM waveform monitor, providing a complete ST 2110 / ST 2022-6 monitoring and diagnostics solution.


Inspect 2110
Automated ST 2110 / ST 2022-6 monitoring and video network diagnostics


Detailed video analysis with industry leading wavewform monitor


PTP sync generator and fail-over solutions keep the network timed

Redundant Streams Confirmed

Building a fully redundant 2022-7 video network with independent paths requires setup confirmation and long-term operation verification. PRISM’s deep analysis of 2022-7 redundancy helps commission and validate a proper redundant network. Once operational, Inspect 2110 can automate monitoring that redundant paths are accurate, similar, and in sync together, providing alert by exception of issues for deep diagnostics by PRISM.


PTP Timing Visibility & Toolset

PTP can be a challenging part of ST 2110 implementation. The SPG provides proven, reliable, and accurate PTP timing and synchronization with support for ST 2059-2 and AES67. PRISM assists with initial validation to establish a reliable system using PTP. Once PTP is running, Inspect 2110 monitors video timing and PTP sources to ensure primary and redundant feeds are synchronized. In the case of a PTP issue or grandmaster failover, PRISM provides deep analysis.

SDP File Accuracy and NMOS Support

Using the NMOS capability and information in PRISM, customers can dive into SDP file details to ensure –in a manual way– that the video is working and matches the SDP file as expected. The Inspect 2110 also supports NMOS and can automate the SDP verification and comparison against the essence parameters to ensure that SDP files are accurate and ready for network expansion.

Managing Large Networks

As networks scale to 100’s or 1000's of ST 2110 and ST 2022-6 program, manually watching a monitor wall isn’t practical. Inspect 2110 can automate health monitoring across large numbers of streams in your network. Using 40GbE/100GbE network connections the Inspect 2110 can programmatically go through each of your important flows to ensure they are accurate, the right formats, synchronized and have the audios and meta data expected. And if there’s an issue, the integration with PRISM can be used to dive into any problem remotely.

Inspect 2110 – ST 2110 Network Monitor

Inspect 2110 -- ST 2110 and ST 2022-6 Network Monitor

  • Scalable ST 2110 / ST 2022-6 video network monitoring
  • Confirms streams, redundancy and PTP operation
  • Mosaic views and program status metrics
  • Direct link to PRISM for analysis
Prism Media Monitoring and Analysis

PRISM SDI/IP Waveform Monitor

  • Enhanced IP Monitor for ST 2110-20/30/40
  • Analyze PTP & Redundant Paths
  • SD, HD, 3G, 4K up to 25GE
  • Advanced HDR, Compliance & QC testing
PTP Reference Clock Solutions

PTP Reference Clock Solutions

  • Reliable & stable sync source
  • PTP grandmaster & slave
  • Test pattern generation