Current version: 10.0.5

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10.0.5 – Improvements & Fixes


  • FIXED – 11 built in titles are no longer available in 10.0.4 that were in 10.0.3.
  • FIXED – Opening projects after updating to ScreenFlow 10.0.4 introduces “artifacts”
  • FIXED – Software crashes after clicking on the timeline
  • FIXED – Upgrading older ScreenFlow documents with 10.0.4 results in a crash
  • FIXED – Unable to align text boxes after changing font size
  • FIXED – MOV containing an Alpha Channel not displaying correctly on M1 Macs
  • FIXED – “-“ (minus) key to delete custom keyboard shortcuts not visible

10.0.4 – Improvements & Fixes


  • IMPROVED – Added a Cancel button on the file locater screen
  • IMPROVED – Added ability for Style Presets and Key Bindings to transfer when upgrading to a new version
  • IMPROVED – Restored Bump, Twirl, Pinch, and Vortex Distortion filters
  • IMPROVED – Restored Mask to Alpha filter
  • IMPROVED – Added 1440p (2560x1440) document preset and renamed 4k preset to 4k UHD


  • FIXED – Prevent app crashing when closing window while thumbnails are in flight
  • FIXED – Runtime error when deactivating channel 2 of an audio track after splitting
  • FIXED – Stopping long Zoom recordings causes a recording unexpectedly terminated error message to appear
  • FIXED – PNG MOV files from the Stock Media Library are now supported
  • FIXED – Timeline duration calculation wrong when document is opened
  • FIXED – Typo in the metadata section of the Media Library
  • FIXED – Blade tool affecting the timeline behavior when making a split
  • FIXED – UI issue for pop out menus that appear in the Filters panel

10.0.3 – Improvements & Fixes


  • IMPROVED – Added AV Foundation for camera recording
  • IMPROVED – Restored missing video filters


  • FIXED – User gets opposite screen than what was selected
  • FIXED – Partial Screen Recording does not work when configured from a Template
  • FIXED – ATEM Mini no longer supported in SF10
  • FIXED – Horizontal snapping does not work
  • FIXED – USB Webcam recording jittery when connected to a multi-port hub/dongle
  • FIXED – Generic HDMI to USB resizes source to 1024x768
  • FIXED – Loop recording creates a recording with green artifacts
  • FIXED – Adding a video filter to a nested clip causes an exception error
  • FIXED – Escape key cancels export
  • FIXED – Cannot record secondary screen
  • FIXED – Unable to use arrow keys to adjust cursor position in Titles input boxes

10.0.2 – Improvements & Fixes


  • FIXED – Resolved app crashes when adding 2 audio filters on document close
  • FIXED – Resolved lossless content created in ScreenFlow 9 not opening in ScreenFlow 10
  • FIXED – Resolved transitions broken in ScreenFlow 10
  • FIXED – Resolved shifted location of camera recording from its placeholder location when recording from a Template
  • FIXED – Resolved audio filters UI being too small and making sliders hard to use
  • FIXED – Resolved assets with transitions jumping positions in the exported file
  • FIXED – Resolved screen recordings showing slight offset in icon color/outline
  • FIXED – Resolved lossless recording preference not being respected
  • FIXED – Resolved inability to minimize document window during export on M1
  • FIXED – Resolved missing Safari icon when recording app audio

Major New Features in 10.0

  • Animated Title Library
    • Select from a range of beautiful animated lower-third and title card graphics
  • Recording Multiple Audio/Video Sources
    • Multiple camera & microphone devices can now be recorded at the same time
  • Improved camera recording system
    • Significant reductions in file-size and CPU usage during recording & editing
  • Destructive Project Archive
    • Reclaim space by saving your documents with their unused edits removed
  • Redesigned Video Filters Interface
    • Built-in color effects library and support for importing CLUT (Color Lookup Tables)
    • Automatic background Removal filter
  • New Computer Audio Recording System
    • Apps are now recorded independently, and can be extracted, disabled and remixed
    • Lower latency, including new modes for DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software

10.0 – Improvements & Fixes


  • IMPROVED – New implementation of the timeline icon cache, significantly reducing memory and CPU usage
  • IMPROVED – Added Clip Enable toggle, allowing the quick disabling of a clip during editing
  • IMPROVED – Updated UI on macOS 11 Big Sur
  • IMPROVED – Added new “Canvas” Preferences tab, including new snapping and display options
  • IMPROVED – Redesigned the front end / recording interface, adding a wizard to help setup OS permissions
  • IMPROVED – Added ability to publish chapter markers to YouTube
  • IMPROVED – Updated YouTube tag validation
  • IMPROVED – Added document presets for Instagram TV (IGTV) and Stories
  • IMPROVED – Added light / dark user interface theme selector, independent of OS preference
  • IMPROVED – Added context click menu to clips within the canvas
  • IMPROVED – Modified Text panel font size selector to use a numerical entry field
  • IMPROVED – Clip titles are now always visible in the timeline, regardless of the horizontal scrolling
  • IMPROVED – Added a document volume adjustment slider
  • IMPROVED – Added a warning if the mouse cursor will be “burnt in” the final screen recording, and therefore non-adjustable during editing
  • IMPROVED – Improved performance of playback & export of screen recording content on Apple Silicon hardware
  • IMPROVED - Documents are now faster to load in a variety of situations
  • IMPROVED – Updated layout of main menu, rationalizing all clip functionality under a new ‘Clip’ menu
  • IMPROVED – Added support for recording the screen from a Sidecar device
  • IMPROVED - Reworked camera recording system to support a wider range of devices, including virtual camera apps (such as DSLR drivers)
  • IMPROVED - Implemented recovery system: if a ScreenFlow recording is terminated expectedly, a prompt will be shown to save to a new location
  • IMPROVED – Added mouse cursor smoothing feature, allowing jitter of the mouse pointer to be reduced when editing
  • IMPROVED – Added prompts when importing movie files that could benefit from proxy usage to improve editing performance (long GOP content)
  • IMPROVED – When using the JKL workflow to scan content quickly, audio will now correctly maintain its pitch during playback


  • FIXED – ScreenFlow is more accurate when matching colors between text boxes, annotations and background content
  • FIXED – Resolved stability issues that could occur when interrupting timeline playback
  • FIXED – Improved relinking across external drives
  • FIXED – Proxies will now respect content with alpha channels
  • FIXED – Improved general stability with proxy workflows
  • FIXED – Fixed issues with AAC & MP3 files getting truncated on import
  • FIXED – Restored Imgur publishing support
  • FIXED – Resolved a variety of issues that could render a document unable to be saved
  • FIXED – Fixed issue preventing chroma key color being selected after a video action is added
  • FIXED – Allow YouTube thumbnails to be selected multiple times
  • FIXED – Resolved issue suppressing a number of results in the Stock Media Library
  • FIXED – Resolved issue with Camo Studio creating very long recordings on Apple Silicon hardware
  • FIXED – Corrected gap from microphone devices when resuming recording after a pause
  • FIXED – Resolved visual jump on export from text sources when down-scaling from document size
  • FIXED – Corrected alignment of multi-channel audio device UI
  • FIXED – UI glitch when starting new narration before ending previous narration
  • FIXED – Dither option for animated GIF is re-enabled
  • FIXED – Marker window will not show markers in correct frame-rate
  • FIXED – Resolved recording errors that could occur from using a screen in Airplay mode
  • FIXED – Replace media could produce incorrect results when working with documents upgraded from legacy versions of ScreenFlow

Version 10.0 contains hundreds of bug fixes, not all of which can be listed here. There are also additional user interface/user experience enhancements, and improvements to the general stability and performance of the application, that are not able to be listed here.

Changes in 9.0.7


  • IMPROVED – Enabled the hardware H.264 encoder for Apple Silicon hardware (it's fast!)


  • FIXED – Fixed a bug that could cause webcams + microphones to be out of sync on Intel hardware
  • FIXED – Fixed a bug on Apple Silicon that could cause text to have the wrong alignment
  • FIXED – Fixed a recording bug on Apple Silicon that could result in corruption in recordings

Changes in 9.0.6


  • IMPROVED – ScreenFlow 9.0.6 is now a universal (Apple Silicon + Intel) app. All SSE and AVX2 code has been ported to NEON for best performance
  • IMPROVED – Improved look of welcome window on macOS 11 Big Sur
  • IMPROVED – Updated app icon for macOS 11 Big Sur


  • FIXED – Fixed crash on macOS 11 when selecting a custom mouse cursor
  • FIXED – Fixed position of timeline scrubber on macOS 11 Big Sur

Changes in 9.0.5


  • IMPROVED – Ability to customize start position of Clock Wipe transition
  • IMPROVED – Add more saving logging to ScreenFlow for potential saving issue diagnosis.
  • IMPROVED – Add trace logging for tracking potential recording issue diagnosis.
  • IMPROVED – Localize the google security text that appears within the YouTube publishing window
  • IMPROVED – Option to set export resolution to 4K
  • IMPROVED – Prompt the user when a proxy is unable to be created due to cache limit size


  • FIXED – 9.0.5 (31554) build shows an Async Readback crash when trying to export
  • FIXED – Annotation color does not update correctly when changing color using the color picker boxes
  • FIXED – Annotation thumbnails show as white boxes
  • FIXED – Background color and text box background same in canvas, different on export.
  • FIXED – Batch export does not work with "Single File Documents"
  • FIXED – Document crashes ScreenFlow: net.telestream.screenflow.thumbnailgenerator
  • FIXED – Dragging an unsupported media file over the timeline can sometimes show a blank unable to import error
  • FIXED – Freehand annotation does not appear correctly after being drawn
  • FIXED – In/Out points are not being recognized correctly when adding from Clip Editor to a Timeline that has a different fps
  • FIXED – Mac Pro: Crash when adding or selecting a text box
  • FIXED – Mac Pro: Crash when selecting an annotation on the timeline
  • FIXED – Real time audio degrades and disappears after 15 minutes
  • FIXED – Selecting a partial size option after first selecting 3840x2160 option causes the selection to move off screen
  • FIXED – Templates do not save correctly when default save is set to Single File Format
  • FIXED – Text box background not matching color on screen recording and export
  • FIXED – Text box thumbnails not appearing in the timeline
  • FIXED – Unable to drag a single file document onto the Batch Export window
  • FIXED – Using Keyboard shortcut for partial screen recording twice consecutively puts computer/screen in an odd state
  • FIXED – Using media files from the Global Library in combination with the Clip Editor causes ScreenFlow to crash/show a Runtime Error
  • FIXED – Video freezes/shows a freeze frame when adding a Video Filter to a media file that has had a proxy made

Changes in 9.0.4


  • IMPROVED – Add help buttons to Shortcuts, Proxy, and Licenses tabs within ScreenFlow preferences


  • FIXED – 10.15: Dragging an unloaded Stock Media Library asset to the Canvas/Timeline shows a runtime error
  • FIXED – crash occurs with multiple testing scenarios
  • FIXED – Exporting from a proxy shows the export being 1 frame ahead of the non-proxy exported file
  • FIXED – Exporting from a proxy shows the export having darker colors compared to the non-proxy exported file
  • FIXED – Exporting from a proxy shows the export not retaining the GOP structure from the non-proxy exported file
  • FIXED – Font Panel - Selecting Strikethrough Text does nothing
  • FIXED – Low resolution exports can occur when using proxy.
  • FIXED – Occasional lower quality export after creating proxy file on timeline
  • FIXED – MAS: Trying to download a SML file can sometimes cause a runtime error to appear
  • FIXED – net.telestream.screenflow.audiowaveformqueue crash can sometimes occur when drawing waveforms
  • FIXED – Saving a ScreenFlow document containing SML content, in the Single File format can result in error upon reopening
  • FIXED – Unable to delete Stock Media files from Global Library if they are being used on the timeline.
  • FIXED – Unable to read text in description box when publishing to Vimeo or YouTube with Dark Mode on
  • FIXED – User accidentally changed "proxy" location instead of "scratch" location that led to "general" data loss due to chosen location
  • FIXED – User can get multiple keystrokes where the physical input is singular

Changes in 9.0.3


  • FIXED – Required updates to the YouTube publish API

Changes in 9.0.2


  • FIXED – Callout can cause clip to flip vertically
  • FIXED – Callouts sometimes show incorrectly for multi-monitor screen recordings
  • FIXED – Cursor does not update when trying to adjust timeline size after playing/adjusting scrubber position
  • FIXED – Dual Desktop Recording is sometimes reverse of System Preferences Display Arrangement.
  • FIXED – Importing unsupported file directly to the Timeline can cause software to crash
  • FIXED – In/Out points are not always being recognized correctly for SML media when adding from the Clip Editor
  • FIXED – Previewing audio within the different libraries no longer works when using the preview slider
  • FIXED – ScreenFlow will show a Runtime error then Crash when after deleting a SML video/image file while it's downloading
  • FIXED – Speech clip text is same color as background when editing in dark mode OS
  • FIXED – Waveforms are not drawing correctly when adding a SML audio file from the Clip Editor multiple times to the Timeline

Changes in 9.0.1


  • FIXED – MAS: ScreenFlow 9.0 does not recognize ScreenFlow 8 SML entitlement on upgrading
  • FIXED – Recording Dual Monitor Cursor appears on both monitors simultaneously
  • FIXED – Export using Motion Blur shows a memory leak with ScreenFlow
  • FIXED – Adding a SML file from the Clip Editor to the Timeline shows a Domain Error when unl
  • FIXED – MAS user's SML 9 purchase not recognized in library for SF 9

What’s New in 9.0

  • Simultaneous Multi-screen Recording – Record multiple screens simultaneously!
    • Ever wish you just had more screen real estate for your recordings, or the ability to reference another application in your screen casts without covering up content? Well now you can!
    • Easily create beautiful motion affects back and forth between multi-screen recorded content.
  • Timeline Tools Palette – ScreenFlow 9 adds the Timeline Tools Palette found in other high-end professional non-linear video editors!
    • Hand – scroll around the timeline by clicking and dragging with the mouse
    • Zoom – click and drag to select a region to zoom in on. If the mouse is clicked once (without drag) zoom into the timeline one "step". If 'Option' is held, the mouse cursor will change to a zoom out and when clicking the timeline will zoom out one step.
    • Blade – When rolling over the timeline, a red line will follow the cursor. If the mouse is clicked, the timeline will have all clips split at that mouse position
    • Track Select - Cursor will change to a right facing arrow in this mode. When clicking on the timeline in this mode, clips will be selected forward of the current selection (from left to right). This is on a track by track basis.
  • Clip Editor – ScreenFlow 9 adds a new clip editing feature that allows the user to select an individual clip and view it on the left-hand side of the main document user interface.
    • From there, the user can preview the video & audio, and perform quick edits to the clip, adding the resulting clip directly to the timeline.
  • New Click Effects
    • New radar effect, sizing
  • Media Proxy – Proxy, a well-known tool found in professional non-linear video editing suites is now in ScreenFlow 9
    • When editing large resolution files, or long GOP files that will give any editor a run for its money, a lower resolution variant of the file called a proxy can be made to edit and operate with a more “ideal” format in relation to system resources.
    • What does this mean? You can edit and playback more demanding projects on the same machine. Faster!
  • UVC Capture Card Support
    • Looking to ingest a high-quality camera with HDMI or SDI output into ScreenFlow as your camera source? ScreenFlow now works with UVC capture devices!
      • Tested Devices:
        • Elgato CamLink 4k
        • AJA U-Tap HDMI
        • Epiphan AV.IO SDI
        • Magewell USB Captured HDMI G1
  • Manual Media Management
    • Many customers have asked for manual media management so that they can store, manage and re-use content more easily.
    • Well, to help those power users, you now have the option during saving to save as a packaged document (includes all your media in the same document package) or, a flat document with manual media management.
    • Manual media management will place all of your media files and Stock Media Library downloads in a user accessible location.
  • Default Canvas Color
    • Not everyone wants their project canvas color to be black.
    • Now in ScreenFlow 9, you can set the default color of your canvas for all future projects within ScreenFlow preferences.
  • Apple Hardened Runtime & Notarization
    • ScreenFlow 9 has implemented the new Hardened Runtime and Notarization security implementations within macOS 10.15 Catalina

9.0 – Improvements & Fixes


  • IMPROVED – Add preference for user to select behavior when double clicking on items in Media Catalog
  • IMPROVED – 4K / UHD Canvas & Screen Capture preset
  • IMPROVED – Implement thumbnail image cache
  • IMPROVED – Increased Thumbnail performance
  • IMPROVED – Factor out 'Record Computer Audio' code from the main controller into own class
  • IMPROVED – Move scratch disc default from TMP location to another location. This should help with data loss when a project is left open for many days, and macOS performs garbage collection on temp folders.
  • IMPROVED – Enable AppleEvent permission workflow in 10.14+
  • IMPROVED – iOS recording has shown an OS level intermittent issue. Now, when no frames are detected from the source, a warning will display.


  • FIXED – "Save as" will throw saving error when SML present in the project
  • FIXED – 10.15: Allow ScreenFlow to capture computer screen prompt causes first recording to be green
  • FIXED – 10.15: iOS + Screen or Video recording creates a timeline with an incorrect duration
  • FIXED – 10.15: No prompt to allow ScreenFlow to capture screen shows when recording after denying/deselecting option
  • FIXED – 10.15: Saving error shows when trying to save a document with an iOS + Screen or Video recording
  • FIXED – 10.15: Unable to record iOS devices when iOS device is the only option selected
  • FIXED – 10.15: Waveforms show incorrectly when adjusting a clips split point using the rolling edit function
  • FIXED – Can't save document if any Stock Media Library content added
  • FIXED – Demo Welcome Screen does not scroll with canvas when using scroll bars
  • FIXED – Denying access to microphone in security settings mutes ability to record computer audio when screen capturing.
  • FIXED – Hover over snapping icons there is an extra space after the period and "This".
  • FIXED – Internal validation error shows when setting 'Record Audio from' gear option to 301% or higher
  • FIXED – Keyboard Accessibility message appears when not capturing the desktop
  • FIXED – Marching ants color hard to read when system set to dark appearance
  • FIXED – Option to change the default canvas background color
  • FIXED – Radar effect squished when partial Screen Recording (portrait), is added to an existing Doc (landscape)
  • FIXED – Runtime Error encountered when undoing a framerate change with 'Command+Z'.
  • FIXED – Screen recording action option - transparent cursor background color circle
  • FIXED – ScreenFlow 10.14 SDK build randomly crashing after playing back content
  • FIXED – ScreenFlow does not stop recording when disk runs out of space
  • FIXED – SMPTE preferences only holds for the duration ScreenFlow is open
  • FIXED – Stock Media Library 'Learn More' text is not localized
  • FIXED – Timing issue with imported jpegs with playback in SF, but not on export
  • FIXED – Unable to select the caption gear with a multiple layered timeline
  • FIXED – When you select ScreenFlow Help in any 8 version the web page tab that opens shows ScreenFlow 7 Help.
  • FIXED – Zoom to Fit will zoom to height but not width of canvas

Known Issues:

  • ISSUE – Exports with motion blur leaks memory. On high end machines, this may not be noticed, but on lower end or older machines, it could lock up ScreenFlow. We plan to fix this in a 9.0.1 hotfix as soon as possible.
  • ISSUE – Adding a Stock Media Library to the clip editor and then the timeline when you have not purchased the Stock Media Library, will show a catalog error rather than a message to inform you that Stock Media Library requires purchase.

Version 9.0 contains hundreds of bug fixes, not all of which can be listed here. There are also additional user interface/user experience enhancements, and improvements to the general stability and performance of the application, that are not able to be listed here.

Changes in 8.2.6


  • FIXED – Stock Media Library preview shows white/causes ScreenFlow to beachball
    • macOS update broke this again. ScreenFlow 8.2.6 resolves this, and is available for manual download from

Changes in 8.2.5


  • FIXED – 8.2.4 in Catalina not requesting permission to record screen on first install
  • FIXED – Allow ScreenFlow to capture computer screen prompt causes first recording to be green
  • FIXED – 10.15: Stock Media Library preview shows white/causes ScreenFlow to beachball

Changes in 8.2.4


  • FIXED – Crash on export lead to data loss
  • FIXED – iOS + Screen or Video recording creates a timeline with an incorrect duration
  • FIXED – Negative values do not show/cannot be used for position values
  • FIXED – Unable to record iOS devices when iOS device is the only option selected
  • FIXED – Updated Sparkle scheme to use https to address man-in-the-middle vulnerability

Changes in 8.2.3


  • FIXED – "Align" not working correctly with video/audio clips being selected
  • FIXED – Adding markers are not saved when recording from a template.
  • FIXED – Allow a Style to be added to multiple selected clips at once
  • FIXED – Cannot control+click to delete track in timeline
  • FIXED – Cannot export beyond 4k using hardware accelerated encoding
  • FIXED – 'Encounted' text appears in different runtime errors
  • FIXED – Entering Chinese text causes runtime error
  • FIXED – German language causing truncation and interactivity issues
  • FIXED – Hardware Encoding option greyed out on VEGA MacBook Pro
  • FIXED – Imported MP4 causes spinning wheel with long load time for audio waveform
  • FIXED – MAS: Create KB article for adding ScreenFlowHelper to Accessibility in Security/Privacy
  • FIXED – Misspelling in error message
  • FIXED – Mouse incorrectly showing as twice the regular size
  • FIXED – Offer "opt out" for Dropbox warning.
  • FIXED – Runtime error when selecting multiple clips in timeline
  • FIXED – Runtime error when using control-click to select a clip
  • FIXED – Runtime errors during editing causing multiple issues
  • FIXED – ScreenFlow 10.14 SDK build throwing error pop up message when launching.
  • FIXED – ScreenFlow MAS Licenses tab UI cut off when set to Japanese language
  • FIXED – ScreenFlow MAS preferences UI cut off when set to French language
  • FIXED – ScreenFlow Text Inspector Font menu in "Light-Mode" on 10.14 Mojave too hard to read
  • FIXED – Timeline Tab UI shows cut off text when ScreenFlow is localized
  • FIXED – Unable to create a new document at max supported resolution
  • FIXED – Unable to save project after deleting a file from the Global Library
  • FIXED – Undoing text action & then changing fps of document causes 'Illegal Instruction' crash.

Changes in 8.2.2


  • FIXED – In some scenarios, making edits/changes and undoing can show a SCUndoManager Runtime Error

Changes in 8.2.1


  • FIXED – Document Settings option causes "Cannot find document properties" Error when re-opening project

Changes in 8.2


  • IMPROVED – Added messaging for customers who are opening projects from Dropbox
  • IMPROVED – Renamed Camera and Screen Recording Template Placeholder clips to “Camera and Microphone” and “Screen Recording and Computer Audio” respectively
  • IMPROVED – Stock Media Library – Added the ability to specify the format to download


  • FIXED – ScreenFlow crashes when applying Chroma Key to media files
  • FIXED – Canvas does not appear in 10.14.1 (18B67a) for ScreenFlow projects
  • FIXED – Reverse Clip no longer works correctly after update
  • FIXED – JVC camera files unplayable in ScreenFlow 8
  • FIXED – Error locating file message shows after renaming a document then making a split
  • FIXED – Removed Actions Templates from ScreenFlow UI
  • FIXED – Show Keystrokes Accessibility message not localized
  • FIXED – Unable to use shortcut keys to jump scrubber from beginning/end of media in Timeline while the Timeline is detached
  • FIXED – Able to add multiple copies of 'recording' files to the Global Library
  • FIXED – By default 'Stereo' is not selectable on the display thumbnails/waveforms menu
  • FIXED – 2160x3840 resolution files display incorrectly in ScreenFlow
  • FIXED – 848x360 resolution files display incorrectly in ScreenFlow
  • FIXED – 720x404 resolution files display incorrectly in ScreenFlow
  • FIXED – New sections of publishing to YouTube not showing as being localized
  • FIXED – Font Menu > Make Text Properties Default never becomes active
  • FIXED – Audio/Video filter sliders/options show reverse order when comparing to older versions of ScreenFlow
  • FIXED – Publish to YouTube second window not localized when system language is set to Spanish
  • FIXED – Camera and Microphone access prompts are not localized
  • FIXED – Creating a New Document activates the 'Undo' from the Edit menu.
  • FIXED – German translation of 'light' motion blur is incorrect
  • FIXED – Stock Media - Previews Do Not Play while Downloading to Timeline
  • FIXED – Stereo waveforms do not show properly when track thumbnails is on
  • FIXED – 'Select parameters to store in styles' is cut off when ScreenFlow is in German

Changes in 8.1


  • IMPROVED – Stock Media - Add a Beats per Minute (BPM) option in the Metadata/Filtering section
  • IMPROVED – Separate Template Placeholders for Mic and Computer Audio
  • IMPROVED – Ability to make multiple templates from an existing template


  • FIXED – .SCC files getting corrupted when working with project saved to Dropbox.
  • FIXED – Adding a clip from a .scc file with multiple clips adds all clips to the Global Library
  • FIXED – Annotations UI displays incorrectly after 'Reset to Defaults' or applying a Style
  • FIXED – Cannot save regular ScreenFlow document with same name as template
  • FIXED – Cannot save the project - error "The document Untitled" could not be saved File name too long.
  • FIXED – Cannot Scroll within Detached Timeline
  • FIXED – Clicking Top Menu > Window > Zoom while detached timeline is selected causes preview window to zoom instead
  • FIXED – Crash when quickly opening and closing video preview
  • FIXED – Deleting a file from the Global Library doesn't remove the file from the Timeline
  • FIXED – Do not show Dark/Light mode options for ScreenFlow on Mojave OS; follow system preference for light/dark mode
  • FIXED – Dragging a Screen Recording and Microphone recording to the timeline shows incorrect order
  • FIXED – Exiting ScreenFlow before a Stock Media file downloads will cause the loss of the media file from the saved document
  • FIXED – Expired text does not show in Licenses Tab of Preferences when a Stock Media Library entitlement has expired
  • FIXED – Files added to the global media library in version 7 do not appear in version 8
  • FIXED – Having 'Detached Timeline' selected grays out Export option from the file menu.
  • FIXED – HEVC file crashing ScreenFlow when added to timeline.
  • FIXED – Item is removed from global library if a file with the same name is added twice.
  • FIXED – Keyboard shortcuts for timeline controls do not affect the detached timeline when it is selected
  • FIXED – Mojave - Keystroke 'Command Z' crashes ScreenFlow after adding a clip to timeline.
  • FIXED – Mojave - Undoing Replace media results in broken display on canvas.
  • FIXED – Mojave- Editing canvas resolution shows choppy/delayed behavior
  • FIXED – New Hotkeys are not shown as they are entered on Mojave
  • FIXED – Only modifier keys are shown with Show Keystrokes on Mojave
  • FIXED – Only one file is added to the Canvas/Timeline when dragging multiple files from the Media Library on macOS 10.14
  • FIXED – Partial Screen Capture runs into Accessibility access message which causes beach ball non-responsive state.
  • FIXED – PDF causes scaling error when using Replace Media
  • FIXED – Preset drop down menu within the New Document tab showing incorrect length
  • FIXED – Record from iOS device is cut off when ScreenFlow is in French
  • FIXED – Removing Video Filter results in Video Properties Panel displaying incorrectly
  • FIXED – Replace media results in broken display on canvas
  • FIXED – Right-click menu in Media Library does not function when selecting all media using shortcut key cmd+a
  • FIXED – Save as Template window can be resized on Mojave
  • FIXED – Save Frame JPG has a PNG file extension
  • FIXED – Scale buttons do not work after an action
  • FIXED – ScreenFlow App 'breaks' after selecting undo from the Edit menu on 10.14 Beta
  • FIXED – ScreenFlow crashes after undoing the creation of a nest on 10.14 Beta OS
  • FIXED – Selecting Reset to Defaults from the Audio Mix gear menu shows an Unrecognized selector Runtime Error if used after an Audio Action
  • FIXED – Show Thumbnail selection not working from contextual menu.
  • FIXED – Sliders within dropdowns in the Inspector panel are exposed outside of the dropdowns on Mojave
  • FIXED – Some buttons don't contrast well on Mojave
  • FIXED – Spelling error in the unrecognized format notification.
  • FIXED – Starting playback of audio in ScreenFlow 8 while using Bluetooth headsets causes audio to play through internal speakers
  • FIXED – Stock Media Cannot Be Previewed Error...
  • FIXED – Stock Media Library html page is resizable
  • FIXED – Thumbnail state is ignored when closing and reopening a project after changing what Thumbnails to display
  • FIXED – Update "New Documents" to include presets for iPhone X
  • FIXED – Welcome screen activates the user’s camera even when option is not selected.
  • FIXED – White highlights showing when ScreenFlow is in Dark Mode UI on 10.14 OS

What’s New in 8.0

  • Stock Media Library – Gain access to an always growing library of well over 500,000 images, audio, video clips and more with ScreenFlow’s new built in Stock Media Library. Browse the library and add transitions, motion backgrounds, royalty-free backing tracks and more simply by dragging them to your timeline from the Stock Media Library tab! (Additional Fee).
  • Track Thumbnails – Now you can see a quick and easy visual representation of your content via thumbnails displayed over the duration of a media file. Easily identify scene changes and areas of interest. No need to scrub through content to find specific moments!
  • Styles – Always want your camera in a certain spot with specific filters and a drop shadow? Well, regardless of the edits you make to any assets in your projects, you can now save those settings as “Styles” to easily re-use over and over. A massive time saver. Combine with templates for a mostly automated workflow!
  • Templates – If you make multiple videos with a similar format, ScreenFlow’s new Templates feature will save a ton of time! Simply create the template using placeholders for your camera, screen, or iOS recording, then add any other recurring media. Now when you finish recording, all your assets are already placed in the correct spot in the timeline and canvas! Combine with Styles applied to your placeholders for a mostly automated workflow!
  • Quick Narration & Voice-Over Additions - Need to record a quick audio clip? Quick narrations allow you to add narrations or voice-overs without leaving the timeline or configuring a traditional recording.
  • Detachable Editing Timeline – The new detachable editing timeline allows for a more customizable editing experience and enables multi-monitor editing by separating the editing timeline and canvas on to different monitors.
  • Additional Timeline Frame Rates – Additional Timeline Frame Rates of 24, 25, and 50 have been added. These are in addition to the existing 30 and 60 options.
  • Export Animated PNG (APNG) Files – ScreenFlow now supports APNG export. Like GIF’s, APNG’s are single file moving pictures that support transparent backgrounds but allow for higher quality and smaller sizes!
  • Freehand Annotation – Custom shapes and lines can now be drawn directly onto the ScreenFlow canvas for highly customizable annotations.
  • Instagram Project and Export Presets – Uploading to Instagram? ScreenFlow has you covered with built in project dimensions and export settings specific to everyone’s favorite social image site!
    • Instagram requires user to copy exported video to phone to publish.
  • Frame for Selected Monitor – When choosing your recording monitor, a red frame now indicates the current selection…no need to remember monitor model numbers!
  • H.265/HEVC Decoding – Previously, HEVC could only be exported in ScreenFlow 7. You can now import and edit files encoded with HEVC such as iPhone X 4k recordings.
  • Arrange Menu – Various new options such as alignment, scale, and distribute allow you to more quickly arrange your media within your project.
  • Auto-Scale Large Imports – ScreenFlow will now automatically scale imported media to fit the canvas if the dimensions of the media are larger than the canvas.
  • Burn in Captions on Export – You can now burn-in captions if you need captions in a player that does not support caption tracks. Simply check the box during export.
  • Content-Type Badge for Items in Media Libraries – Media within your library now has a badge overlay depicting the type of media for easier identification.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for "Close Gap" – Users can now set a custom keyboard shortcut for the “close gaps” function. Multi-select gaps and close with one shortcut.
  • Media Library Filtering System & Metadata Panel – New filtering system for the media libraries with metadata display tab. Click the filter button in the library pane to display.
  • Preview Audio and Video in Libraries Without Adding them to the Timeline – Audio and video files in libraries can now be previewed without first adding them to the timeline.
  • Save Frame as JPEG – Quickly export the current content as a still JPEG image.
  • Select Which Audio Channels are Recorded with Audio Interface Devices – Users can now select specific channels to record of a multi-channel audio interface. You no longer need to record all available channels.
  • Support Decoding MOV PNG Files – You can now add and work with MOV PNG files in ScreenFlow.
  • Support for GoPro CineForm Codec – ScreenFlow now supports the GoPro CineForm codec for import and editing.
  • Specify the Thumbnail Image for a YouTube Published Export – Now when publishing directly to YouTube, you can use ScreenFlow to select the image to be used as the YouTube thumbnail.
  • Upload to YouTube on a Schedule – When publishing to YouTube, you can now select and schedule a time in which you would like the video to be published.

8.0 – Improvements & Fixes


  • IMPROVED – Add custom shortcut options for captions Play/Previous/Next functions
  • IMPROVED – Allow recordings to be added either in sequence or layered when being added to the timeline
  • IMPROVED – Enable duration labels by default in the media libraries
  • IMPROVED – Media replacement will now maintain the same proportions as the piece being replaced
  • IMPROVED – Reword "Publish to Selected Range" menu item to "Publish Selected Range to"
  • IMPROVED – Show duration of selected clip in the bottom project duration display area
  • IMPROVED – Show the full name of a media file in the Media Library when the cursor hovers over it
  • IMPROVED – Show the Scratch Disk folder path in Preferences
  • IMPROVED – State that there were no results to display when a search returns no results in the libraries.
  • IMPROVED – Uncheck 'Record Computer Audio' when the user changes versions
  • IMPROVED – Update Apple iOS devices preset export options


  • FIXED – 1/2 second Exports Hang ScreenFlow indefinitely (30 & 60fps).
  • FIXED – Able to make the frontend window full screen on 10.13.
  • FIXED – Add to timeline stacked puts clips stacked in reverse order from original recording.
  • FIXED – Adding a new video recording + audio recording to an already open project, adds the files in sequence.
  • FIXED – APNG preview in media catalog appears as a static image.
  • FIXED – Apple Lossless Audio clips not playing in timeline.
  • FIXED – Audio filters that are specified with a percentage value, require user to enter the % symbol after the value, otherwise value is treated as invalid.
  • FIXED – Audio mix reset option changes channels to be L and R instead of how they were set at the beginning of the recording
  • FIXED – Audio Unit UI does not display correctly on first use
  • FIXED – Can no longer input custom percentage for resolution on export
  • FIXED – Certain H264 .MOV files will open in ScreenFlow but video and audio will not play
  • FIXED – Clips are not normalized correctly when pasting between different FPS timelines
  • FIXED – Double clicking a. SCC file in media catalog can sometimes add the incorrect clip to timeline
  • FIXED – Export resolution doesn't change when preset is changed to iPhone, iPad, etc.
  • FIXED – Freehand Rectangle Callout shifts the entire clip on the canvas a few pixels (Partial Screen Capture Only)
  • FIXED – Improve demo version messaging to ensure users are aware they are in demo mode
  • FIXED – Make Settings Default function not affecting annotations
  • FIXED – Pasting annotation from a different canvas sizes, offsets the bounding box
  • FIXED – Photo JPEG .MOV files not displaying in ScreenFlow 7
  • FIXED – Recent Documents - Text is hard to read when using the Light UI theme
  • FIXED – Relink icon disappears after closing and relaunching ScreenFlow
  • FIXED – Right clicking in timeline negates multi-selection of gaps
  • FIXED – Right-click context menu does not update to show changed shortcut keys
  • FIXED – Save custom mouse pointer
  • FIXED – Screen recording pointer is not reset with Reset to Defaults
  • FIXED – Scroll bar not showing properly in video and text property tabs
  • FIXED – Some MPEG-1 files have issues playing back in ScreenFlow
  • FIXED – Support MOV PNG files
    • NOTE: These are inherently taxing and may not play back smoothly during editing. This does not affect the final output when exporting from ScreenFlow.
  • FIXED – Thumbnails between the left and right-side Media Libraries do not update correctly when relinking media
  • FIXED – Welcome Screen text aligns improperly when window is enlarged

Version 8.0 contains hundreds of bug fixes, not all of which can be listed here. There are also additional user interface/user experience enhancements, and improvements to the general stability and performance of the application, that are not able to be listed here.

Changes in 7.3.2


  • FIXED – Mojave - Keystroke 'Command Z' crashes ScreenFlow after adding a clip to timeline.
  • FIXED – Mojave - Undoing Replace media results in broken display on canvas.
  • FIXED – New Hotkeys are not shown as they are entered on Mojave
  • FIXED – Only one file is added to the Canvas/Timeline when dragging multiple files from the Media Library on macOS 10.14
  • FIXED – ScreenFlow App 'breaks' after selecting undo from the Edit menu on 10.14 Beta
  • FIXED – ScreenFlow crashes after undoing the creation of a nest on 10.14 Beta OS
  • FIXED – ScreenFlow will crash or show RT errors when selecting a text box on the timeline with an annotation present
  • FIXED – Sliders within dropdowns in the Inspector panel are exposed outside of the dropdowns on Mojave
  • FIXED – Some buttons don't contrast well on Mojave

Changes in 7.3.1


  • IMPROVED – ScreenFlow Audio Driver KB article: Explain the different workflows and issues customers might experience with the new audio driver.
  • IMPROVED – Add alert to perform test recording when recording system audio.
  • IMPROVED – Notify when certain "known" apps are running but not using the audio driver when recording system audio.
  • IMPROVED – ScreenFlow ZOOM recordings KB article: Editing of MP4 files created in Zoom.US meeting software with ScreenFlow exhibits issues due to file GOP Size being abnormally large.
  • IMPROVED – ScreenFlow Helper should always forward audio to default audio output.
  • IMPROVED – Track opening, saving, and writing to files within Diagnostics for improved ability to help users who request support.
  • IMPROVED – Update audio driver to run in the background at app level to be used for audio capture.
  • IMPROVED – Upgrade the HAL audio driver to the newest version.


  • FIXED – After recording Bluetooth headset Mic, Headset doesn't hear audio when playing.
    • macOS will sometimes not switch back as expected, requiring a reboot.
    • This is not specific to ScreenFlow - Apple Radar Bug: 40503482
  • FIXED – Audio stream hijacked from my DAW software
  • FIXED – Captions help menu cut off
  • FIXED – Partial Screen Recording of Retina displays single pixel discoloration on bottom and right sides
  • FIXED – Recording Bluetooth audio will come in as "Helicopter" sounding audio after making a first initial recording.

Changes in 7.3


  • IMPROVED – Completely re-written audio driver
    • New Apple computers such as the iMac Pro utilize different methods of playing audio to the internal speakers. This made the legacy audio capture method unable to capture system audio playback. Our new audio driver restores this functionality on the new iMac Pro.
  • IMPROVED – Add a modifier key to add media either in sequence or layered when adding from the Media Library to the timeline
  • IMPROVED – Option for do not show message with regard to "unable to split beginning or end of a clip"


  • FIXED – Able to scroll far past available transitions in Transition Inspector with Show scroll bars 'When scrolling' General preference
  • FIXED – Abnormal Audio Problem When Recording With MAS version ScreenFlow
  • FIXED – Animated Touch Callout Actions stop working
  • FIXED – Audio driver never installs - added prompt to instruct user to press Allow in "Security and Preferences"
  • FIXED – Audio goes out of sync when background sounds occur during a recording
  • FIXED – Bad file descriptor exception when saving a document with media imported from a disconnected drive
  • FIXED – Can't Import FabFilter AU
  • FIXED – Canvas resize issue with External Monitors
  • FIXED – Clear In & Out Points not localized in right-click context menu
  • FIXED – Clip duration shows incorrectly in clip inspector and causes issues with timeline zoom on a 60 FPS timeline
  • FIXED – Data loss can occur in rare circumstances if a recording file is copied from one document to another and ScreenFlow crashes
  • FIXED – Dynamic updates are not detected automatically, require ScreenFlow restart
  • FIXED – Exporting with AppleTV preset causes crash
  • FIXED – File duration does not get updated when replacing a file within the Global Library
  • FIXED – Incorrect tool tip for "Reposition scrubber after pasting"
  • FIXED – Internal Recording error when using Bluetooth as sound output
  • FIXED – Play Caption Track not localized in Shortcuts tab
  • FIXED – Recover message in rare situations does not display correctly when launching ScreenFlow after the app closes/quits unexpectedly
  • FIXED – Renamed file in Global Library will not show name correctly when adding file to the timeline
  • FIXED – Save copy to disk for Imgur points to the user folder instead of movies folder
  • FIXED – Touch callout "interpolated state" shows on export if callout is selected in clip
  • FIXED – Unable to record audio on new iMac Pro - Fixed by new audio driver design
  • FIXED – Unable to save when pasting a recording from a 60 FPS document to a 30 FPS document

Changes in 7.2


  • IMPROVED – Ability to maintain aspect ratio via a modifier when resizing partial screen capture
  • IMPROVED – Add 'Clear In & Out Points' to right click menu when clicking a selected region
  • IMPROVED – Added Mix to Mono hotkey
  • IMPROVED – Display Google Drive directory
  • IMPROVED – Display length in milliseconds in selected range of a clip.
  • IMPROVED – Focus the Media Library when a new document is opened
  • IMPROVED – Improve error message when attempting to activate an older version serial number
  • IMPROVED – Keyboard shortcut to play caption track
  • IMPROVED – Option to scale canvas size to maintain aspect ratio using the shift key
  • IMPROVED – Upgrade Facebook API
  • IMPROVED – Upgrade Vimeo API


  • FIXED – 7.1: Single GOP video files can cause Screen Flow to hang on import
  • FIXED – After doing a crop the contextual undo/redo will be for 'scale'
  • FIXED – Automatic Export type does not support small resolutions
  • FIXED – Changing name of Global Library files revert back to original names when project is reopened
  • FIXED – Ensure the microphone selection drop down mirrors the microphone names in system preferences
  • FIXED – Error when saving project with mp3 files created in Garage Band
  • FIXED – Export customization window is expandable and shouldn't be
  • FIXED – Freeze Frame can overlap other clips on timeline
  • FIXED – Global Recording shortcuts do not update when changing Keyboard Shortcut Sets
  • FIXED – Overlapping Video on Timeline causing beach-balling and loss of audio
  • FIXED – Partial Screen Capture can be set larger than actual screen resolution
  • FIXED – Playback and editing Issues with High Sierra and NVIDIA graphics cards
  • FIXED – Publish to YouTube categories are not localized
  • FIXED – Rare crash that can occur when merging clips
  • FIXED – Screen Flow not able to import image files when Spotlight is turned off.
  • FIXED – Some input boxes do not recognize a number as valid unless followed by"%"
  • FIXED – Splitting a nested clip removes transitions within the nested clip
  • FIXED – UI does not remember previous window configuration.
  • FIXED – When accessing folder data is Google Drive, the folder list is capped at 100, and the results are unordered
  • FIXED – YouTube return URL should contain HTTPS to match YouTube
  • FIXED – Unable to export chapters markers when markers are unnamed – Now named by default

Changes in 7.1.1


  • FIXED – 7.1: Single GOP video files can cause ScreenFlow to hang.
  • FIXED – 10.13 High Sierra: NVIDIA GPU driver issue can cause the canvas and exported video to show black frames, or display other video corruption.
    • ATTENTION: The color corection filter will automatically be disabled on NVIDIA GPU systems running 10.13. This is a temporary workaround for this issue until Apple/NVIDIA releases a fix.

Changes in 7.1


  • IMPROVED – Updated canvas to show color change when using the color picker
  • IMPROVED – Crash when a login item is invalid
  • IMPROVED – Allow ScreenFlow to export H.265/HEVC files with macOS 10.13 implementation of HEVC


  • FIXED – Unable to tab through Audio Mix input boxes after deselecting then reselecting clip
  • FIXED – Text cursor flashing when recorded by ScreenFlow on macOS Sierra
  • FIXED – ScreenFlow 7 can crash after importing '.apcn'/'.apch'/'.apcs' media files
  • FIXED – Pause hotkey is not disabled when the user is not recording
  • FIXED – No way to remove unlicensed audio plug-ins
  • FIXED – Nine Part Tiled Filter: Flip Y Tiles slider stuck at zero – It is now a checkbox rather than avalue field
  • FIXED – MP4 Files created with Viddyoze cannot be seen in the timeline
  • FIXED – macOS 10.13: Partial Screen Capture guidelines do not render at the default resolution
  • FIXED – macOS 10.13: Installer text hard to read – Improved look of dmg and installation window
  • FIXED – iOS recordings have incorrect durations when recorded on macOS 10.13
  • FIXED – Global Recording shortcuts do not update when changing Keyboard Shortcut Sets
  • FIXED – Export window highlights the extension of the exported file name.
  • FIXED – Certain mono AAC sources causing playback issues in timeline
  • FIXED – Canvas Undo button does not revert color change
  • FIXED – Black frames and missing audio in exported file
  • FIXED – Batch Export: Sorting incorrect when using projects with numbers in the title
  • FIXED – Automatic exports sometimes show the 'Maximum File Size' text
  • FIXED – Apple Animation MOV's not playing in ScreenFlow 7
  • FIXED – Annotations: Changing default settings will cause the first drawn annotation to beincorrect
  • FIXED – Annotations can use a previously set default that shouldn't apply to it
  • FIXED – 7.x: Runtime Error occurs when clearing the Width/Height of a Custom Export Resolution
  • FIXED – 7.0: iZotope Ozone 7 audio plug-in displays incorrectly, adjusting properties in custom UIcauses hang
  • FIXED – 4:3 Camera Aspect Ratio affected by Recording Monitor


  • REMOVED – Video Filters 'Color Cubes Mixed with Mask' & 'Color Curves' – Crash
    • Crash is non-trivial to fix, and outside the scope of 7.1 maintenance release for macOS 10.13

What’s New in 7.0

  • MP4 performance improvements – Easily power through large mp4 file editing. We added significant performance improvements for mp4 files that had previously been slow to process when editing and exporting.
  • Text Animations – Add animated text effects to your videos, allowing for fun and/or creative polish in your videos. Tweak the default options to create completely new text animations!
  • Global media library – Now you can store frequently used assets in your Global Library. Every document you open will show those same assets under the Global Library icon! Perfect for workflows that use the same intro/outro graphics for each video, or any other workflow that reuses the same assets frequently.
  • Easy Auto-Export options – Our new auto export options make videos incredibly easy! Gone are the days of relying on canned presets if you are not an encoding wizard. ScreenFlow 7 lets you select between higher quality or quicker exports and automatically picks the best settings for your project. Need exacting control? We still have our manual modes too, which can be saved as custom export presets.
  • Set clips to play in reverse on the timeline – Now in ScreenFlow, you can easily set clips to play in reverse.
  • OLED Touch Bar support (MacBook Pro Late 2016) for Timeline Navigation – ScreenFlow 7 will show the timeline in the new TouchBar equipped macs. You can use the touchbar to adjust the visible sections of the timeline.
  • macOS AutoSave functionality has been turned off – ScreenFlow has its own document recovery system and when combined with the AutoSave functionality native to macOS, conflicts could arise in specific situations. Projects could easily become corrupted when saved to remote locations such as network drives or cloud storage solutions, or when transferring files between projects. The combination of both recovery systems also could use excessive storage space in certain instances. Now that there are no longer two recovery systems in competition with each other, these potential issues no longer occur.
  • Intel Quick Sync Hardware Accelerated Encoding – ScreenFlow 7 can now take advantage of hardware accelerated encoding. This is great for videos where the highest possible quality is not the main goal, and you would like the export process to have a minimal impact on system resources.
  • Implement Multi-Pass x264 Encoding – Multi-pass x264 encoding can improve quality of exports when compared with single-pass. Now, ScreenFlow will use this automatically if you select a higher quality option from the new auto-export options.
  • Add a Waveform Progress UI to show progress of waveform processing – When adding files containing audio, or applying certain audio filters, audio waveform rendering can take a lengthy amount of time to complete. Now, ScreenFlow 7 will keep you informed that it is performing an intensive process in the background, and when it is completed. This is particularly useful, as it makes the user aware that editing during render times may be slower until render completion.
  • Add support for higher timeline frame rates – In ScreenFlow 7, you can now edit in 60 fps. The timeline shows an fps indicator, and you can easily toggle between 30 or 60 fps modes.
  • User defined shortcut keys – We have added a shortcut manager in ScreenFlow 7. Users can add new shortcut keys to commands that did not previously have a shortcut assigned to it, or change existing shortcuts. You can even have different shortcut sets that can be changed on the fly!
  • Calculate exported file size – In the export window, ScreenFlow will now provide a estimated filesize. Please keep in mind, this is just an estimation. The resulting file sizes will vary. In our testing, it has been consistently close in its estimation.
  • Custom interfaces for Apple Audio Units (AU) – Apple audio units that have a UI can now have the UI launched from within ScreenFlow.
  • Made the Timeline and Inspector panels collapsible – Preview mode has been removed, and we have added a shortcut key to collapse the timeline and inspector.
  • Kern – Tighten/Loosen UI buttons – There are now buttons in the text inspector for tightening and loosening the kerning values.
  • Add media to Timeline in sequence – When adding multiple assets to the timeline, ScreenFlow will now place them in sequential order, rather than in separate tracks.
  • Panning and Gain/Volume controls for audio input devices – In the recording window, there are now Panning and Gain/Volume controls for audio devices. This is great for dialing in more complex, multi-channel workflows before the recording begins, saving time by removing the need to apply repetitious edits to each channel after each recording.
  • Publish to Imgur – ScreenFlow 7 will allow you to quickly and easily publish directly to Imgur, perfect for gif files. No need to export, visit the upload page, find your file, and submit. Just select Imgur from the ScreenFlow publish menu!
  • Publish to – ScreenFlow 7 enables users to quickly and easily publish videos directly to their account, without having to visit to upload your exports.
  • Spanish Language Version – ScreenFlow 7.0 now supports spanish system localization.
  • Ability to solo multiple audio channels at a time using the Command key ( ⌘) – Similar to professional DAW software, ScreenFlow 7 will allow you to use the audio solo function, on more than a single source at a time.
  • Dark UI Theme – We have added a new “Dark” theme, and set it to default to help make your content stand out for an improved editing experience. Users can switch back to the previous “Light” theme within ScreenFlow preferences.
  • Enable Letterbox by default on exports – Now, letterboxing will be applied by default if the export aspect ratio differs from the canvas aspect ratio.
  • When adding a new text clip, it should automatically focus it for editing – ScreenFlow 7 will now automatically jump to the added clip.
  • Support trackpad two finger gesture for media rotation on canvas – You can now rotate media assets using the relevant two-finger gesture on your apple touchpad.
  • Shortcuts: Allow user to Import/Export Shortcut Key Sets – You can now Import & Export shortcut key sets, perfect for multi-user machines, to maintain multiple workflows, or just being able to backup your custom shortcut key settings.
  • Record retina-class cursor – ScreenFlow will now record high-resolution cursors for improved quality.
  • Added a configurable keyboard shortcuts for – hiding desktop icons, select "All Clips after Current Clip", select all clips under scrubber (S), Show Quick Media Library, and Partial Screen Recording.

7.0 – Improvements & Fixes


  • Add a Video Tutorials button to the Front-end Welcome window
  • Add click effect/UI color change for jump to beginning/end buttons when clicked
  • Add click effect/UI color change to Edit Canvas button when selected/deselected
  • Add configurable global keyboard shortcut for Configure Recording from the ScreenFlow helper
  • Add Media Library Tooltips
  • Add legacy SF6 text system toggle
  • Add text to Lossless recording compression to explain that the setting will create a larger file size
  • Additional recording should default to "Add to current Document" in Recording Complete dialog
  • Arrow Keys (L/R) now always frame-step unless an object is selected
  • Assign a keyboard shortcut to a template action
  • Auto-Select objects pasted in Timeline
  • Change Automatic recording frame rate option to show as Highest for better clarification
  • Change the tooltips for Jump to Beginning/End buttons
  • Display Font preview for Show Keystrokes Font
  • Display Timeline frame rate on the timeline status bar
  • Ability to Edit Speech Clip after it has been created
  • Rewrote Canvas resolution error message for clarification
  • Improve naming scheme for additional screen recordings
  • Improve post recording dialog box
  • Include tooltip for Headphones icon audio monitor mute
  • Insert Speech Clip improvements
  • Leave the scrubber position alone when copy pasting or during any other editing done on the timeline
  • Make exporting audio only (m4a) more user friendly
  • Menu item and keyboard shortcut to remove unused media
  • New Recording window: Renamed iOS recording checkbox
  • Brought back the ability to ‘Set Mix to Mono’
  • Published to Vimeo: Added 2k/4k option
  • Remove internal documentation to allow updates to be done through HTML only
  • Set 1920x1080 to be export default resolution
  • Typewriter action
  • Update Web High and Web Low export presets
  • Update Jump to start/end of timeline icons to better represent functionality
  • Use a lighter gray for the Light Theme when viewing the Media Library


  • Audio clips forget their pan settings
  • Audio not being muted when disabling audio tracks on layers below layer 3
  • Audio panning dial changes undo incrementally
  • Audio preview headphones icon is difficult to see when disabled
  • Canceling Export resulting in partially exported MP4.
  • Cannot move timeline scrubber after opening a version 4 document in version 6 software.
  • Cannot record after multiple recording attempts
  • Cannot use shortcut to start partial screen recording
  • Color Controls add black bar border around video on canvas
  • Color saturation changes when a callout is enabled
  • Concerned about the difference in entered data rate vs resulting data rate.
  • Crash on Export: Assertion failure shows
  • Curve Type Actions do not match Text Easing Options
  • Duplicate ScreenFlow project with an MP3 file, the audio in the duplicate file cannot be heard
  • Error Opening File: The error message was "Error Domain=Scarlett Code=-1 "Failed to open scc file" UserInfo=... {NSLocalizedDescription=Failed to open scc file}"
  • Error: The document could not be saved/autosaved no such file or directory
  • Exporting project while Text Box or Annotation is highlighted/selected will export asset as being highlighted
  • Files can be added to Media Library multiple times when using "+" drop-down menu
  • German keyboard shortcuts
  • Imported media file displays border after Brightness adjustment
  • Invalid credentials are not rejected when logging into Telestream Cloud
  • iOS back camera video is imported upside down
  • Localized versions of ScreenFlow cannot access user guide through help menu in app
  • Manual entry of numerical value kills keyboard playback shortcut
  • Manually entering a Show Keystrokes Width value while localized in French throws a Runtime Error
  • MAS ScreenFlow is not writing to the designated Scratch Disk Folder
  • Media Library is scrolled down by default
  • Nudge Clip shortcut is functioning incorrectly
  • Odd error message for Touch Callout Opacity
  • On-Canvas rotate is undone incrementally
  • Pressing the escape key on the Recording Complete window causes the recording to be discarded
  • Properties changes are not undone correctly after a snapback action
  • Protected Icon does not show on locked iTunes Files
  • Publish to Vimeo data rate too low
  • Publish to Youtube limited to 60-character title – Now 100 character limit
  • Record iOS Device option unchecks itself
  • Saving and working with projects on a DropBox saved folder causes project corruption
  • Scale Animation plays upside down if Start Scale option is set to a negative
  • ScreenFlow 6.2 crashing unexpectedly and cycling while editing
  • ScreenFlow does not display a progress meter after duplicating a project, making it appear unresponsive
  • ScreenFlow does not support the Photos directory structure
  • ScreenFlow hangs for a long time when opening or editing a certain project
  • Scrollbars show when zooming in/out while viewing media in Preview
  • Searching within Media Library does not work when dragging file to timeline or canvas
  • Show Captions does not update by just clicking the option
  • Some exported ProRes content goes over Max File Size
  • Some Keyboard shortcuts for Localized keyboard layouts not working
  • Splitting and moving clips with different PAN settings causes PAN settings to change
  • Splitting certain audio clips then undoing the split causes Runtime Error
  • Text Animation SCALE – Fade Characters ON/OFF = same result
  • Text clips not editable and freeze frame not visible in preview
  • The Thumbnail Preview within the media library does not show for IOS devices
  • Timeline performance regression with waveforms in 6.0
  • Timeline seconds not showing after 1-minute mark
  • Typing in textbox produces Debugger Warning
  • Unable to export at 100% a 5k iMac recording
  • Update Google OAuth to version 2
  • ViewBridge Assertion failure shows on 10.12 OS X on new OLED Laptops
  • Corner Round Applied to Text – Corner Values change based on zoom level
  • Video actions and Video Motion actions are created incorrectly when added to a clip after a Video Motion action
  • Video motion settings do not have a max or min setting
  • Track visibility functions incorrectly when a track is moved with a clip present on the track
  • Recording Monitor timer continues to count when recording is paused
  • Publishing to YouTube with captions track enabled results in 'Error 410'

Version 7.0 contains hundreds of bug fixes, not all of which are listed here. There are also additional user interface/user experience enhancements, and vast improvements to the general stability and performance of the application, that are not able to be listed here.

Changes in 6.2.4

  • Additional fix for NVIDIA users on High Sierra – this is a workaround for a 10.13 macOS bug

Changes in 6.2.3

  • FIXED: High Sierra – ScreenFlow recorder crashes when changing spaces on macOS 10.13
  • FIXED: High Sierra – iOS recordings have incorrect durations when Recorded on macOS 10.13
  • FIXED: High Sierra – Partial Screen Capture guidelines do not render at the default resolution on macOS 10.13
  • Fixed: High Sierra – Timeline timecode does not display on macOS High Sierra 10.13

Removed in 6.2.3

  • High Sierra – Video filters 'Color Cubes Mixed with Mask' & 'Color Curves' – Crash
    • Crash is non-trivial to fix, and outside the scope of 7.1 maintenance release for macOS 10.13

Changes in 6.2.2

  • Updated Dropbox API to version 2
  • FIXED – Manually entering a Show Keystrokes Width value while localized in French throws a Runtime Error
  • Fixed – Cannot record after multiple recording attempts

Major Changes in 6.2.1

  • Added – Publish to Vimeo: Add 2k/4k option
  • FIXED – ScreenFlow does not support the Photos directory structure
  • FIXED – Color Controls add black bar border around video on canvas
  • FIXED – Exporting project while Text Box or Annotation is highlighted/selected will export asset as being highlighted
  • FIXED – Pressing the escape key on the Recording Complete window causes the recording to be discarded
  • FIXED – Incorrect scratch disk targeting
  • FIXED – Last frame not always displayed in project after playback in timeline
  • Fixed – MAS ScreenFlow is not writing to the designated Scratch Disk Folder

Minor Changes & Bug Fixes in 6.2

  • FIXED – ScreenFlow does not display a progress meter after duplicating a project, making it appear unresponsive
  • FIXED – Cannot move timeline scrubber after opening a version 4 document in version 6 software.
  • FIXED – Imported media file displays border after Brightness adjustment.
  • FIXED – Timeline seconds not showing after 1 minute mark
  • FIXED – Manual entry of numerical value kills keyboard playback shortcut
  • FIXED – Duplicate Screenflow project with an MP3 file, the audio in the duplicate file cannot be heard
  • FIXED – Text clips not editable and freeze frame not visible in preview
  • FIXED – Publish to Youtube limited to 60 character title
  • FIXED – Update / correct documentation regarding inspector keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed – Error message that pops up when a value of null is entered for canvas resolution was updated to be more informative

Major Changes in 6.2

  • Lowered default GIF export preset Framerate from 30FPS to 15FPS
  • FIXED – Text cursor flashing when recorded by ScreenFlow on macOS Sierra
  • FIXED – Audio cuts out while editing
  • Fixed – Audio drops during playback while waveforms are still drawing

Minor Changes & Bug Fixes in 6.2

  • FIXED – Audio Meter stops responding after switching between the secondary and main recording window
  • FIXED – Sometimes ScreenFlow 6 would crash when opening ScreenFlow 5 project
  • FIXED – Improved messaging when customer is activating a refunded license
  • FIXED – Partial screen recording does not remember last position in a new recording
  • FIXED – Code sign release disk image
  • FIXED – Screenflow crash when accidentally setting text field margin to "0"
  • FIXED – Shadow applied to GIF with Transparency remains static after 1st frame
  • FIXED – Import GIF's at correct duration
  • FIXED – Internal Recording Error – Partial Screen Capture
  • FIXED – ChromaKey applied to GIF prevents playback
  • FIXED – Resetting Text Box to Default also resets the Text Box contents
  • FIXED – Background canvas color not exported for ProRes 422, 422HQ and 422LT
  • Fixed – Shortcut keys to mark in/out points no longer work

ScreenFlow 6.1 is a feature improvement release with over 60 changes and improvements to the user experience.

Major Changes in 6.1

  • Optimized Animated GIF support
    • Implemented two pass encoding for GIF export
    • Implemented dithering methods ‘Error Diffusion’ and ‘Ordered’
    • Added dithering Strength – Low, Medium, and High for additional customization capability
    • Implemented: Playback ‘Loop’ preference in GIF encoder
    • Added 5 & 10 fps Framerate options for GIF export
    • FIXED – Animated GIF produces inaccurate colors
    • FIXED – Default GIF export looks bad
    • FIXED – GIF motion has a weird trail after it
    • FIXED – GIF Loop only Loops in Safari
    • FIXED – GIF export hangs mid-way
    • FIXED – Export to Animated GIF flickers
    • FIXED – Artifacts in GIF export
  • macOS Sierra 10.12
    • Added support for macOS Sierra
    • FIXED – Batch Export does not display export progress bars
    • FIXED – Partial screen recording resolution selection incorrect when front end is on secondary display
    • FIXED – Screen Recording cursor displays incorrectly
    • Disabled 'Show Tab Bar' View menu item for Batch Export window
  • Screen Recording Show Keystrokes
    NOTE: In order to fix this, we had to break the ScreenFlow document format. This means that ScreenFlow documents created in version 6.1 will no longer open in version 6.0
    • FIXED – Keystrokes may not display on cropped canvas
    • Added option ‘Attached To Clip’ – this is the default and will behave as 6.0 and below did. If 'Attached To Clip’ is unchecked, the key display will attach to the canvas instead
    • Added ‘Width’ option for keystroke background
    • FIXED – Runtime Error from attempting to add Text Box or Annotations after altering Show Keystrokes in French/German

Minor Changes & Bug Fixes in 6.1

  • FIXED – Push transition reversing direction for Left to Right and Right to Left
  • FIXED – Purchasing method can result in blank store window
  • FIXED – Media Library search is case sensitive
  • FIXED – Spacebar does not function for Play/Pause if Media Library is selected
  • FIXED – Crop Enter and Esc keys do not work after selecting the canvas area
  • FIXED – Audio Inspector UI elements can be pushed out of view space
  • FIXED – Audio channels reverse sides when played back in Reverse
  • Implemented the ability to adjust audio pan to multiple clips at a time, provided that they have the same number of audio channels
  • FIXED – Runtime Error from attempting to solo audio of 3+ selected clips
  • FIXED – Panning Options are missing from Audio Mix drop down menu
  • FIXED – SF5 projects with Mix to Mono enabled have incorrect channel configuration in SF6
  • FIXED – Audio panning dial does not update to reflect undo / redo action until clip is deselected and reselected
  • FIXED – No longer able to solo audio channels
  • FIXED – Clip Empty Path console event thrown when audio clip is Muted
  • FIXED – Waveform does not redraw after adding audio snapback action
  • FIXED – All snapback actions are causing audio waveform redraw
  • FIXED – Waveforms do not redraw to reflect ducking & mixing after audio action
  • FIXED – Exported audio is distorted if exported while waveforms are drawing
  • FIXED – Mix Audio properties playback in default configuration after adding video action to clip
  • FIXED – Recording only computer audio creates a document with resolution 1x1
  • FIXED – Dual Displays: Recording of smaller resolution display has canvas of larger resolution display
  • FIXED – Using an external monitor as main monitor will break pointer recording on built in display
  • FIXED – Mouse pointer not recording
  • FIXED – Recording Monitor displays a Negative (-) number for countdown
  • FIXED – Recording countdown timer able to stop counting down
  • FIXED – Editing Corner Round produces Runtime Error in localized versions
  • FIXED – Default Action Curve tooltip in Preferences is not localized
  • FIXED – Wistia Publishing is either failing with error 400 or uploads a .bin file
  • FIXED – TS Cloud store credentials in keychain is cut off in localized versions
  • FIXED – Scrubber does not move on timeline & hangs when editing
  • FIXED – No audio playback from Nested clip
  • FIXED – Touch callouts are made smaller and moved after clip is nested
  • FIXED – Video filters add visual artifacts to export and playback of nested clip
  • FIXED – Replacing clip creates an invalid clip on Timeline in certain use case
  • FIXED – Runtime error after reverting project changes
  • FIXED – Runtime Error produced after deleting clip from timeline
  • FIXED – Crashing on Export after confirming output directory
  • FIXED – Running a Batch Export causes a Runtime Error and crash
  • FIXED – Crashing when opening a specific project
  • FIXED – Crash from closing ScreenFlow 6.1 document containing audio
  • FIXED – Crash when starting recording from Helper with application closed
  • Implemented a warning message that gets thrown if the user selects a FAT16/32 formatted volume as the scratch volume
  • Updated the Carbon Component Manager
  • Removed the Video Filter 'Masked Variable Blur’ as it did not do anything
  • Changed the Linear curve type to be a “true” linear animation

New Features in 6.0

  • Partial Screen Capture – Record any part of your screen. Capture just a single application window, define a region, or record the entire desktop.
  • iOS Audio Monitoring – Now you can listen to your iOS devices audio WHILE you are capturing and recording it! Great for mobile games, app developers, musicians – anyone who needs to demo an app where audio is a crucial part of the operation.
  • Loop Recording – Set ScreenFlow to create a rolling recording buffer so you will be able to record for hours without taking up all your hard drive space. When you stop the recording, ScreenFlow will only keep the configured number of minutes of recorded footage you told it to remember. Helpful for reporting of intermittent computer or application issues, or for use when gaming to share that big moment!
  • Multi-Channel Audio Mixer – ScreenFlow now sees and records multiple audio channel inputs from USB mixers. Record up to 16 discrete audio channels from a single USB input, then mix and adjust them separately in ScreenFlow’s inspector.
  • Extract Audio Channels – Now you can pull out any audio channel into it’s own track. Great for isolating audio channels or inputs inside multi-channel audio clips
  • Redesigned Countdown Overlay – ScreenFlow will now tell you exactly what sources are going to be recorded while it counts down to start the recording. No more last minute guessing!
  • Redesigned Waveforms – Audio waveforms are now drawn using a new implementation for better performance and more accuracy.

Improved and Streamlined Editing Improvements

  • Updated and Improved User Interface – We’ve added new icons in the timeline and canvas for greater control. Now you can mute your video or audio on a track independently, use a quick access pop-up to set your project dimensions, and mute your audio monitors with a new headphone button.
  • New Motion Tab for Animation Effects – Choose from three all new motion-animated effects: Spring, Gravity, and Pulse. Simply click to apply them to your clips and create professional looking animations without the hassle of selecting key frames or writing custom code.
  • New Motion Curves – We’ve added exponential curve types, both in and out, for more dynamic effects and animations!
  • New Video Property: Corner Matte – Now you can easily add an attractive matte to your video clips and images by rounding their corners and hard edges using a slider in the video properties tab.
  • More Canvas Control: Pan and Grab – You can now hold the space-bar to click and grab the canvas to move around the view. Great for easily moving small increments or inspecting visual elements in close detail.
  • Replace Clips within the Timeline – Swap clips in the timeline without changing the overall duration of a segment or the need to re-do the changes already applied to the clip.
  • Ability to Set Default Curve Type – Now you can choose the curve type you use most often to be your default when adding new actions or motions to clips.
  • Easier Re-Sizing in Canvas – ScreenFlow 6 now automatically locks the aspect ratio of clips, images, and text in the timeline so you can quickly resize them without squeezing or scrunching them into odd aspect ratios, or needing to hold down the Shift key. (An option in the preferences allows you to revert to how previous versions behaved if you desire).

New Export and Publish Capabilities

  • Animated GIF Export – Create GIFs right from your ScreenFlow projects. It’s easy to export great looking short animations for the web, memes, tutorials or social networking!
  • Publish to Telestream Cloud – Direct publishing to Telestream Cloud, our on-demand, pay-as-you-go, encoding service. Export from ScreenFlow to Telestream Cloud, then create as many different formats and versions of your video that you need! This enables you to make a single master copy, then let our online transcoder create all of your deliverables in one shot!
  • ProRes 422 and 422 LT Export – We’ve added more ProRes profiles for greater control over the size and quality of your project outputs.
  • Export Progress Over Dock Icon – Quickly determine how much time is left on your exports with a handy progress bar displayed on top of the ScreenFlow icon in the dock.

Version 6.0 also contains hundreds of bug fixes as well as other improvements to the efficiency of the user interface.

This version of ScreenFlow adds a minor fix for macOS Sierra compatibility.

  • Fixed Screen Recording cursor color on macOS Sierra

Fixed potential security vulnerability in software update framework (Sparkle).


This version of ScreenFlow fixes a problem where a recording error “Mic not found” occurred.

Fixes and Improvements

This version of ScreenFlow improves the stability of video importing, playback and exporting as well as the following issues:

  • FIXED Application crash when using the Flash transition
  • FIXED exporting and video decoding issue with certain video codecs where incorrect frames would potentially be placed in areas of the timeline that had
    transitions and splits
  • FIXED Runtime Error when opening Transition Inspector with the Page Curl transition selected
  • FIXED issue with built-in OS X transitions missing their transition properties
  • FIXED video playback issue caused by a specific video codec
  • FIXED an authorization issue when signing into Vimeo
  • Recording Completed dialog now usable with keyboard shortcuts

Fixes and Improvements

  • Compatibility fixes for Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • FIXED a runtime error when clicking a clip length manipulation tool after corresponding clip has been deleted
  • FIXED a runtime error that occurs when viewing media from iTunes or iPhoto in the media library in list mode and the media is deleted from the project
  • FIXED an issue where unsupported export options are not unchecked after changing encoder presets
  • FIXED a crash when attempting to ‘Remove’ a media file that ScreenFlow can not locate
  • FIXED a runtime error that occurs when the Click Sound “X” button is not greyed out on media that is not a screen recording
  • FIXED an issue where the green clip labeling color was cutoff when using ScreenFlow in a different language
  • FIXED an issue where the application ‘beachballs’ when making cuts on imported .mp4 files
  • Added High Profile for H.264 for Web High and Web Low Preset Customization
  • Fixed an issue where users could not publish to Facebook

Fixes and Improvements

  • Enabled uploading to YouTube at 60 fps
  • Added 2K and 4K presets to the YouTube upload
  • Implemented 5 & 25 fps screen recording options
  • IMPROVED performance of splitting large H.264 clips
  • FIXED issue with iOS recordings that could result in poor quality playback
  • FIXED issue where ScreenFlow would continue playing audio after video playback had stopped
  • FIXED publishing directly to Facebook
  • Corrected playback of certain H.264 content
  • FIXED visual problem with menu bar icon in Yosemite’s Dark mode
  • IMPROVED AAC audio playback
  • Updated background noise removal implementation
  • FIXED issue where MPEG-2 files would not play video or audio in ScreenFlow
  • FIXED issue where clip markers would move when the clip was being trimmed
  • FIXED issue where selecting iCloud destination option would cause an assertion failure
  • Updated 1080p and 720p publishes to use H.264 High profile
  • Fixed issue where Runtime error would result when using Fast User Switching on New Recording window

Fixes and Improvements

  • FIXED issue that prevented ScreenFlow 5 from opening when placed in a subfolder of /Applications hierarchy (affects Mac App Store version only)
  • FIXED issue where frame rate options were missing from export options
  • FIXED issue where crash could result when starting a new recording of GoToMeeting with USB camera
  • Expanded custom export options to include keyframe settings
  • Added ability to export mono audio
  • FIXED incompatibility with Soundflower 64 that was causing inoperability of Welcome screen
  • FIXED issue causing Welcome screen links to become deactivated in OS X 10.10
  • FIXED issue where DV cameras were not being detected
  • Resolved issue where French “Save” keyboard shortcut was missing
  • Cleared artifacts appearing behind the “Play” button when language set to German or Japanese
  • FIXED issue where “J” key (JKL) would not work when scrubber at the end of the timeline
  • FIXED issue where libraries not loading properly (Mac App Store version only)
  • Corrected internal recording error occurring when recording frame rate modified
  • Corrected issue where waveforms would flatline when split with a nested clip
  • FIXED issue where .avi, Motion JPEG formats were not being recognized
  • FIXED issue where canvas appears red when working with an older ScreenFlow project that includes chroma key
  • Fixed inability to manually resize DV recorded media
  • ScreenFlow 5 adds more devices, more options and more ways to help you make epic content, all with a fresh new look for OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  • New Welcome page to pick your project type, organize your past projects and create new ones

More options for recording

  • iOS Recording. Your iPhone and iPad screens can now be recorded, right into ScreenFlow, just like your iSight or DV Camera.
  • Recording Preview. Quickly confirm you’re in shot and you’ve got the right angle. The Recording Preview gives a continual spot check of your shot to ensure all is properly aligned, while also displaying total elapsed time of your recording.
  • Native support for MPEG Transport Stream/AVCHD file format. Bring your higher-end Sony, Panasonic, and other HD camcorder files directly into ScreenFlow with no conversion necessary.
  • Set recording frame rate. Set the optimal frame rate for your recordings before you start, to improve efficiency and decrease overall file size.

Timesaving, powerful editing features

  • New Touch Callouts mimic finger gestures (press, pinch, swipe) to help guide your audience.
  • Direct access to your iPhoto and iTunes libraries. Access to your iPhoto and iTunes libraries right in ScreenFlow 5’s Media Library.
  • New Actions!
    • New Snapback Action quickly reverts video state.
    • Action templates enable you to choose from a default list of popular actions, and also build a catalog of your favorites for repeated use in all your productions.
  • Rolling Edits allow you to move an edit point without affecting the rest of the timeline. The result is the first (outgoing) clip is made shorter while the second (incoming) clip is made longer by the same amount, or vice versa. The net effect being the overall program length is not altered.
  • New Transitions. We’ve added 20 additional transitions to ensure your ScreenFlow projects convey the precise look and feel that you desire.
  • Import SRT files. ScreenFlow’s existing captioning support has been rounded out with the ability to import SRT files into your ScreenFlow 5 projects.
  • New Clip Management features streamline your process.
    • Color labels on clips visually organize your project.
    • Clip-based markers ensure the marker stays with the clip as opposed to the timeline.
  • Add markers while recording. Save time by capturing key moments while you’re recording.
  • Clean up sources not being used with one click.
  • Improved media handling. Implementation of Telestream Media Framework (TMF) provides smoother playback of your media in the ScreenFlow timeline.

Exciting new export and sharing options

  • Batch Export. Save loads of time by simultaneously exporting multiple files to the same settings.
  • Publish to Wistia. We’re thrilled to announce ScreenFlow 5 offers direct publishing to Wistia! This has been a long-requested feature.
  • The App Preview export option ensures your file adheres to Apple’s specifications on the Mac App Store. (Note: requires iOS 8 + OS X 10.10 Yosemite + USB lightning connection to Thunderbolt).
  • Save a local copy. Ensure you always have a local copy of your published projects when publishing to one of ScreenFlow’s integrated destinations.