Telestream ingest, media processing, and workflow automation solutions include deep integration for Avid systems enabling significant gains in productivity for every type of Avid user, from small production houses to large broadcasters producing national news programs. These dramatic productivity gains are made possible by making file-based import and export processes faster, more automated, and less reliant on operator action.


Ingest Files and Deliver Media for Broadcast-grade Engineering and Operations

Lightspeed Live Capture

Multi-Channel IP and SDI capture in a 1 RU server


Ingest Camera Cards and/or Deliver Media for Post Production


Content Management with intuitive UI


Content Management under Asset Management Control

Processing Avid Media with the Vantage Media Processing Platform

Avid editing systems are used throughout the broadcast, sports, and entertainment industries to edit and produce high value media. As such, they are operated by highly skilled creative staff, often located in premium facilities.

Vantage includes a window that allows users to connect to their Avid systems and start jobs without leaving Vantage. Avid sequences and master clips can automatically trigger Vantage workflows from within the Interplay environment. And Vantage supports Edit-While-Ingest workflows to significantly speed up the time it takes to begin the creative process.

what is vantage

For more details about Avid integration with Vantage and Lightspeed Live Capture download the Avid Integration Guide
Avid Integration Guide

For more details about Vantage Camera Ingest (datasheet)
Vantage Camera Ingest

Format support

For reference, format support in Vantage can be found in the Decode Format Support and Encode Format Support sheets.

Avid Adobe Checkin

Ingesting Avid Media with Lightspeed Live Capture

In Live production workflows, Lightspeed Live Capture works as a multiple channel capture device and makes the live production media immediately available. Whether ingesting into Media Composer or MediaCentral (or both), it’s possible to implement editing, archival, and distribution workflows. Lightspeed Live Capture also supports remote production by connecting to those systems using file transfer technology over the public internet.

With the Avid integration option users can create Avid media for Media Composer or MediaCentral | Production Management (Interplay).

Lightspeed Live Capture supports “growing files” in an Edit-While-Capture (frame chase editing) workflow and provides direct support for Avid storage solutions. Files and metadata, including generated MOB ID’s, can automatically be checked into Interplay/MediaCentral. No need to wait, no need to change post-production workflows – they just get faster.

Automating Avid Ingest and Delivery Workflows with ContentAgent


Creating Deliverables

For more details on ContentAgent’s Avid integrations please visit click on the following links:

Works with standalone editors (no additional Avid options required) as well as Avid NEXIS and Interplay | Production

Kumulate is smart storage and content management available for video creators, editors & distributors. Now it’s available as a plugin for AVID, giving you direct access to powerful archiving, search, and retrieval functions within your editing workflow.

For more details about the Avid Integration with Kumulate, click on the links below.

Avid Integration with Kumulate Content Management

Kumulate provides multiple methods to integrate into Avid environments. For MediaCentral | Production Management systems, Kumulate can use the Avid MediaCentral | Archive interface to receive commands from MediaCentral. Alternately, Kumulate can use Avid Web Services to monitor MediaCentral folders and archive Avid assets as they are discovered. The use of Avid Web Services also eliminates the need for Avid Archive Providers, streamlining the system and reducing cost of ownership.

The Kumulate Portal for Avid streamlines media interchange between Avid editing system and Telestream-managed content. Users can archive, restore, and flatten content simply by dragging and dropping it between their Avid editor or Interplay client application and the Portal.

Valuable metadata is preserved, with customizable mapping between Avid and Kumulate. In addition to job status monitoring, the Portal also provides immediate notification of issues such as unrendered effects and offline media in your sequences that would impede the archiving process, giving you time-saving feedback not possible in typical, hot-folder based workflows.

Avid Integration with DIVA Content Management

DIVA integrates with a variety of Avid systems, including MediaCentral | Production Management, Media Central | Asset Management, shared storage, and standalone environments. DIVA supports two basic workflows in an Avid environment.

Unflatten content:

Flattened content: