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Vidchecker Auto-template Capability

Vidchecker speeds up the otherwise complex task of creating test templates. A new template can be created in less than one minute by analyzing a reference file. Watch this short video to see how it works.


Quality Control for File Based Media and Telestream’s Vidchecker Products

A lot can go wrong in the world of file-based media. A file could be encoded at the wrong bitrate, have incorrect captions or timecode, include freeze frames, have issues with audio loudness, or many other issues. Proper use of QC tools in the media supply chain can catch problems early, save time and money, and even avoid fines and lawsuits.

Not too Loud, Not too Quiet (or getting the sound right)

In this presentation you will learn about:

  • What are ‘loudness’ and ‘true peak’ and how they are measured
  • Overview of the BS.1770 standard for audio measurement
  • The different implementation standards for audio compliance being applied in North America [ATSC A/85 RP] and Europe [EBU R128]
  • The structure of file-based media and where audio fits in
  • Audio QC and common errors, including differences between file-based and digital/audio media and comparison with older measurements such as PPM meters
  • Practical implementation considerations including correction and ROI
  • VidChecker QC solutions

Getting Started in Auto QC of File-based Media

In this presentation you will learn about:

  • File-based workflows; sending & receiving files
  • Structure & formats of file-based media
  • QC and types of errors
  • Differences from digital transmission and analog
  • Auto QC requirements and solutions, including automation
  • Other implementation considerations
  • The Vidchecker solutions (incl. demo)