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Products featured at IBC 2011


Automated transcoding and media/metadata delivery between all leading formats & systems

Video workflow design, automation and management

  • Automates capture, transcoding, analysis, metadata, delivery
  • Converts between major formats & systems for multi-screen delivery
  • Automates decision making & QC
  • Supports thousands of files for large-scale and mission-critical workflows
  • New! Enterprise System Management products
  • New! Team Management

Transcoding automation

  • Fast, high-quality transcoding
  • Supports all major formats, wrappers and devices for multi-screen delivery
  • Deep support for VANC, timecode, captions, metadata & more
  • Eliminates tedious manual processing
  • Cost-effective, flexible, future proof s
  • New! ProRes encoding

Vantage Transcode Overview

Presented by John Pallett
5 min 27 secs


Vantage Workflow Design and Automation Overview

Presented by John Pallett
7 min 24 secs


Vantage Enterprise System Management Overview

Presented by John Pallett, Director Enterprise Product Marketing
8 min 23 secs



Video production, management and packaging software

  • Produce and package media and metadata for any distribution outlet
    ◊  Broadcast, IPTV VOD, mobile and broadband
  • New! Vantage LCS adds
    ◊  Automated QC
    ◊  Analysis & decision making
    ◊  10-bit ProRes output
    ◊  File re-wrapping
  • New! Apple, Adobe and Microsoft adaptive streaming formats

Agility 2G Overview & What's New at IBC

Presented by Jim Duval, Director Product Management
4 min 06 secs



Gold-standard transcoding

  • Converts between all major formats
  • Direct integration with leading broadcast servers and NLEs
  • Enables multi-screen delivery
  • Hands-free processing
  • 24/7 reliability
  • New! Adaptive Streaming encoding for Adobe, Apple & Microsoft
  • New! ProRes encoding support

FlipFactory Overview & What's New at IBC

Presented by Dominic Jackson, Transcoding Product Manager
2 min 25 secs



Multiformat video encoding

  • Repurpose media for web, mobile, edit
  • Cross-platform Mac and PC
  • Easily scalable with built-in clustering
  • Ultra-fast distributed encoding
  • High-quality 10-bit processing
  • Uniquely designed for both manual & automated workflows
  • New! Adaptive bitrate encoding for Silverlight and Apple devices
  • New! XML-RPC interface
  • New! AVC-Intra, image sequences
  • New! EDL conforming

Episode Overview & What's New at IBC

Presented by Kevin Louden, Episode Product Manager
3 min 08 secs



Video capture and playout device

  • Multiple codec and wrapper support
  • Fast edit or transcode while capture
  • Ingest directly into Avid or Final Cut
  • Schedule, log/capture, print-to-tape and automated control UI
  • Single or multi-channel SD & HD capture & playout to tape
  • New! 24/7 scheduling
  • New! Vantage/Agility integration
  • New! Virtual VTR-like playout

Pipeline Overview & What's New at IBC

Presented by Bill Harris, Pipeline Product Manager
1 min 07 secs



Live production software for Mac & PC

  • Capture from multiple cameras, computer desktop (with audio), capture cards…
  • Real-time switching between multiple sources
  • Virtual sets, lower thirds, titles, transitions ...
  • Add professional value
    ◊  Chroma key, lower thirds, transitions, layers
    ◊  Pro: Virtual 3D sets, live scoreboards, IP camera support, audio controls
  • Simultaneously stream live and save to disk

Wirecast Overview & What's New at IBC

Presented by Eric Norrell, Desktop Products Specialist
3 min 16 secs