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Telestream NASCAR Project wins the prestigious IBC2012 Innovation Award in the Content Management category. Telestream developed the video capture and replay system for NASCAR’s high-speed sports officiating. The award recognized NASCAR and its project partners, including Quantum for its StorNext data management software and CineSys for its disk storage. Read more

Products featured at IBC 2012
Accelerated transcoding & intelligent workflow automation

Vantage Transcoding

  • Fastest, highest-quality video transcoding with support for virtually any format
  • Simplifies media conversion in multi-format, multi-vendor workflows
  • Automated transcoding saves time, effort, and money
  • Faster-than-real-time file transcoding
  • New: GPU-accelerated transcoding and video processing
  • New: Pristine 16-bit 4:4:4:4 image processing
  • New: Additional format support for AS02, P2, more

New: Transcode Multiscreen

  • Designed specifically for adaptive bitrate (ABR) workflows
  • GPU-accelerated H.264 transcoding and video processing
  • Highly-efficient encoding across multi-bitrate streams
  • Supports Apple HLS, Adobe Dynamic Streaming, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, MPEG DASH, MP4
  • Stunning 16-bit 4:4:4:4 image quality
  • Fully automates adaptive bitrate workflows, including ingest, transcoding, packaging, encryption, delivery and notification

New: Lightspeed Server

  • GPU-accelerated video processing and H.264 encoding
  • Can be added to any Vantage transcode product
  • 1 RU high-density computing reduces rack space, power, cooling requirements

Vantage Workflow

  • Full automation in multi-vendor environments
  • Automated decision making
  • New: Loudness measurement & correction: ITU-R BS,1770-2, Dolby® Dialog Intelligence™, EBU R 128 compliant
  • New: Encoding & delivery to Avid Interplay with metadata
  • New: Screen MediaMate subtitling & DVB insertion
  • New: Web-based Workflow Portal for metadata entry, review/approval from any Mac or PC


Scalable video capture and playout device
  • Network-accessible video capture video from tape or live sources
  • Fast edit or transcode while capture
  • Ingest directly into Avid or Final Cut systems
  • Schedule, log/capture, manual capture, virtual VTR, print-to-tape and automated control UI
  • Multi-channel SD & HD capture & playout to tape

New: Pipeline Replay multichannel video player application

  • Combines with Pipeline HD to provide synchronous multi-angle HD capture, replay and review
  • Ideal for sports officials and event analysis
  • Search and review the entire timeline of an event in HD
  • Easily locate and scrub through any portion of the video
  • Ultra-fast: view real-time action
  • IBC2012 Innovation Award finalist


Multiformat software encoding for Mac and PC offering desktop to server scalability
  • Highest quality transcoding in its class, designed for the entire digital post-production workflow
  • Remarkable encoding speeds: Optimized codecs, multi-thread processing, parallel and Split-and-Stitch® distributed encoding
  • Hands-on control: Fine-tune your video with frame-by-frame video preview and/or set up automated workflows
  • Cross-platform scalability: Easy and affordable One-Click Clustering™ and built-in file sharing
  • New: x264 encoding for faster, higher quality H.264
  • New: Integration with Autodesk Smoke and Flame - browse, monitor and transcode directly from the Autodesk software
  • New: Integration with Adobe Premiere Pro – encode files directly from the Premiere Pro UI


All-in-one live streaming production software
  • Ideal for streaming live events: news, sports, concerts, church services, meetings, and more
  • Capture live video from multiple cameras, capture cards and other input sources
  • Switch between live feeds and other imported video, audio, graphics and slides
  • Add production polish with titles, PiP, scoreboards, chroma key and more
  • Integrated multiformat encoding (Flash, QT, WM) for live streaming flexibility
  • Stream to multiple destinations and bitrates simultaneously
  • Unrivaled stability and reliability
  • Cross-platform software for Mac and PC
  • New: Capture support including Logitech C920; Blackmagic Decklink Quad, Intensity Extreme (Thunderbolt) and UltraStudio 3D (Thunderbolt)
  • New: Streaming destinations and improved UI for the Destination list
  • New: Increased flexibility with virtual camera output


Automated transcoding and media/metadata delivery
  • Extensive video/audio format support and deep system integration
  • Integrated HD broadcast and NLE workflows
  • Content repurposing for web, mobile, IPTV...
  • Hands-free processing; 24/7 reliability
  • New: Loudness measurement and correction: ITU-R BS.1770-2, Dolby® Dialog Intelligence™, EBU R128 compliant


Extend Agility 2G with the power of Vantage
  • Provides Vantage access and control from within existing Agility 2G installations
  • Expands capabilities to include QC, analysis, direct-encode of non-transcoded files, closed captioning, and more