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Publishing Your Screencast : Publishing to YouTube

Publishing to YouTube
If you have a YouTube account, ScreenFlow enables you to publish your screencasts directly to YouTube.
Logging In
Select File > Publish to YouTube to access the YouTube login window.
Figure 43. YouTube Account Login Window
Enter your YouTube Name and Password to access your account. Select the check box to retain your login information for future uploads.
Click the Sign In button. When you have successfully signed in, ScreenFlow displays a dialog for you to entre details about your screencast:
Figure 44. YouTube Details Window
Note: All fields must be completed to activate the Publish button.
Category. Select the category of your screencast from the options in the dropdown menu.
Title. Enter the title for your screencast. By default, this field uses your project name.
Description. Enter a description for your screencast.
Tags. Enter keywords to describe your screencast. When YouTube users search for these words, your video is included in the search results.
Access. Check to mark your screencast as personal. Personal content can only be viewed from your account and other YouTube users that you authorize.
Quality. Select this option to publish your screencast in HD. YouTube supports both 720p and 1080p for upload. If this option is not checked, the resolution of the video is set to 360p.
Publish. Click Publish to export and upload your screencast.
ScreenFlow displays a progress bar to indicate encoding and upload progress. Click Cancel at any time to abort the encode/upload process.

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