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Getting Started : Tour 2– Editing Your Screencast : Video Properties

Video Properties
Video properties can be used to make changes to any recorded or imported video or image file. This includes both screen and camera recordings.
This tour focuses on the most common features. For more details, see Video Properties.
Figure 7. Video Properties
Scale. Use this option to change the size of a video or image relative to the size of the canvas. This can be used for highlighting a particular portion of the screen or with a video action to create a zoom effect.
Use the slider or enter a percentage value to change the image scale.
Position. Position represents the location of your video or image on the canvas. The position is based on the exact placement of the center of your image. Values in the position field are represented in pixels.
You can reposition the image by dragging the image on the canvas, nudging the image with the arrow keys, or entering a numerical value in the position fields.
Opacity. This is the degree to which the image is translucent. The greater the value, the more opaque the image. If the value is set to zero, the image is invisible.
This is used with a video action to fade an image in or out. It is particularly useful if you would like to periodically display your camera recording.
Screen Recording Properties
Screen recording properties are effects specific to demonstrations using the mouse and keyboard. They can only be applied to screen recording clips.
This tour focuses on the most common features. For more details, see Screen Recording Properties.
Figure 8. Screen Recording Properties
Pointer Zoom. Often it can be difficult to see the mouse in a screencast, particularly if the video has been significantly resized. Increasing the pointer zoom value makes the mouse cursor larger and easier for the viewer to follow.
Click Effect. This feature can be used to make a visual effect when you click your mouse. Select Radar to project a red circle with each click or Invert to change the cursor from black to white with each click.
Sound on Click. Select this option to generate a click sound when the mouse button is pressed.
Show Keys Pressed. Select this option to display the text as you were typing it while recording.
Show Modifier Keys Pressed. Select this option to display modifiers used in hotkey commands, F1 through F12, and the arrow keys.

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