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Getting Started : Tour 2– Editing Your Screencast : Callout Properties

Callout Properties
Callout Properties are used to highlight a specific portion of the screen. They can only be applied to screen recordings. Unlike the other properties, Callout Properties must be used with an action.
This tour focuses on the most common features. For more details, see Callout Properties.
Figure 9. Callout Properties
Highlight. Callouts are capable of highlighting an area in three different ways. Mouse cursor highlights a circular space around the mouse cursor. Foreground Window highlights any window which is currently active. Freehand allows you to draw the area you want to highlight.
Opacity. The opacity slider controls the opacity of the space outside the callout. A low value makes the surrounding area opaque while a high value makes the surrounding area invisible.
Zoom Up. This option magnifies the area inside the callout to make it more prominent.
Border. This option increases the range of the callout area to draw attention to a larger space. This feature is not available with freehand callouts.

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