Broadcast & Cable

Since our beginning, Telestream has focused on addressing the needs of the world’s most demanding broadcast and cable companies. Now more than ever, these companies are turning to Telestream for fast, efficient, reliable video transcoding and automated file-based media workflow solutions plus high-volume scalability:

Featured Customers

Magenta TV streamlines video trancoding with Vantage®.
“With Telestream Vantage we can operate faster and more efficiently with greater flexibility and perfect results.”

Outdoor Channel improves operational efficiency with Vantage® and Pipeline™.
“With the addition of Pipeline and Vantage, we now have a much more efficient digital workflow that allows us to deliver any file type to any destination, in a timely manner, supporting both domestic and international demands.”

WJCT automates video workflow with Vantage®.
“Vantage has allowed us to work the real-time aspect out of almost all of our operations and work faster than real time." – Duane Smith, Dir. of Technology

The Digital Media Group for a major US Television Network chose Episode Engine for high-volume web and mobile transcoding . 
“Our volume has grown from one person to a group of editors working on Final Cut Pro. Since 600 files are encoded and delivered each day, Episode Engine is a must!”

BBC automates web workflow – 200+ news packages per day are automatically published using Telestream’s FlipFactory workflow automation software.
“There are a number of products that can do the transcoding now, but Telestream was the first with the right functionality. FlipFactory allows us to integrate at a much lower level.” – Henry Webster, senior product manager, & Phil Miller, technical lead for media services, BBC