The ScreenFlow Total Publishing Solution

The 3 essential elements of a mega-successful
software course publishing business

Now available for a FRACTION of the cost!

1. You.

The most important element. You are a technology expert, a clear and captivating communicator and a friendly, engaging instructor with a talent for conveying complex concepts in simple terms.

2. ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow, of course. The perfect software environment for you to capture computer screen activity, video and voiceover, and edit it all together into an educational masterpiece.

3. The ScreenFlow Total
    Publishing Solution

A bundle of components from Leaping Brain Labs that provides a complete, proven, turnkey solution for publishing, marketing, selling and syndicating your software training courses.
$99 20% off 
(with purchase of ScreenFlow)

What's Included

The ScreenFlow Total Publishing Solution bundle includes:

The MOD Shop is the perfect way to sell your software training courses. MOD Shops set up in minutes, are branded with your header, and launch right from your website, social media or anywhere else you’d like. No security certificate, merchant account or shopping cart software needed.
The MOD Desktop Player is a powerful desktop media launchpad for OS X and Windows in which your customers can download and enjoy your courses in a luxury, high quality, piracy-proof software environment.
The MOD Publisher account is a Lifetime Publisher account at Leaping Brain Labs, allowing you to publish content for sale through the MOD Machine platform. The MOD Publisher software is a powerful, easy-to-use software for OS X or Windows for authoring your ScreenFlow-created software training courses. You can author a typical product in less than an hour.
The MOD Dashboard is real-time sales reports, customer data export, coupon codes, MOD ShopBuilder and much more.
With a MOD Marketplace Lifetime Membership, your courses will be available to a global network of affiliates to promote in return for a commission. You can also add complimentary content from MOD Marketplace to round out your MOD Shop selection and make additional money from selling other publishers’ content alongside your own. Your software training empire is only a few clicks away.

Customer Support

You have better things to do. The friendly support staff at Leaping Brain take care of your customers if there’s a problem.

Mini-Guide to Success in Software Educational Product Publishing

This mini-guide, written by Josh Mellicker, one of the pioneers of video-based software training and author of many best-selling software tutorial video products, includes insightful tips on creating effective learning experiences, advice on producing high production value software training, and reveals some valuable and proven marketing strategies for driving sales of your educational content.

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Record your screen. Edit your video. Share with the world.

ScreenFlow is powerful, easy-to-use screen recording and editing software for the Mac.

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