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World-Class Workflow Design and Automation


Vantage® workflow products enable the design and automation of video workflows and can integrate with virtually any network device in your facility.

Visual Workflow Design
With visual workflow design and job status views, Vantage provides a powerful yet simple way to build and automate video workflows. Metadata flow, analysis data flow, media file flow, and process flows can be designed independently of one another and of the underlying media file.

Full Automation in Multi-Vendor Environments
Vantage unifies your video operations into a managed, faster-than-real-time workflow ecosystem by offering a comprehensive set of built-in tools and third- party integrations. Vantage includes native support for content ingest, analysis, file format conversion, and transcoding for broadcast, cable, IPTV and multiscreen delivery. Vantage further integrates with virtually every type of video device, including broadcast servers, edit systems, streaming servers, cable VOD servers, QC systems, digital delivery protocols, and video processing tools. This broad range of capabilities ensures that you can completely unify your workflow and achieve complete automation and visibility.

Automated Decision-Making
Using unique workflow design capabilities, Vantage allows you create adaptive workflows that automatically make decisions and manage your content based upon incoming metadata and content properties. Further, Vantage allows the creation of self-healing workflows that can detect – and recover from – errors in video files. By integrating Vantage analysis, transcoding, file movement and workflow design, you can build automated intelligence into your video workflows.

Support for Manual Steps
The Vantage Workflow Portal puts the manual steps in your video workflow under process control. Operators can review assets, enter metadata, and forward jobs as part of the entire workflow environment.

Vantage Workflow Products include:

  • Vantage Analysis – media analysis, decision making & quality control workflows
  • Vantage Workflow Portal – creation of operator user interfaces for browsing video, entering metadata, and moving media through workflows
  • 3rd Party Integrations – direct integrations with Aspera, Signiant, Dolby, Digimetrics Aurora, Interra Baton, Venera Pulsar, Nielsen, Civolution, Vidchecker, Screen Subtitling, Avid, VOD, all major commercial delivery services, and all major broadcast servers, provide a fully managed and tightly coupled multi-vendor workflow.
  • Vantage Post Producer – automates the editing of assets for distribution and promotional purposes. Stitch media, overlay graphics and text, convert multiple segments and apply ratings and ad insertion metadata, all automatically. Post Producer removes the need for tedious manual editing, increasing the value of your media through faster turnaround times and lower production costs.
  • Vantage TrafficManager – allows full automation of the content processing for commercials. Direct integrations with national catch servers, inventory searching and preview, and automated transcoding and delivery create a unified and flexible commercial management system. TrafficManager will help you reduce errors, lower costs, and offer improved services to your advertising clients.
  • Vantage Cloud – makes it easy to run all the capabilities of Vantage – including automated transcoding, media processing, analysis, and packaging – on cloud-based infrastructure
    (available mid-2014)